Time To Get Out On Your Winter Wheels

Time To Get Out On Your Winter Wheels

With the weather turning properly cold now some people in the UK are finally realising that changing their tyres for winter could cut accidents, injuries and deaths on the roads.

Last winter many local authorities ran out of grit before all their roads were treated for the first fall of snow. When the second and third falls came there wasn’t much more that could be done aside from deploying snow ploughs on major routes and leaving the rest as they were. Thanks to budgetary cutbacks this year many local councils are storing less grit than last year notwithstanding that this winter is forecast to be colder than average.

Car between sequoia trees in winter:
Car between sequoia trees in winter

In many countries where snow is likely at winter if you fail to change your tyres for winter your insurance is void, if you have an accident you are liable for any compensations claims made against you. Just as many Europeans are astonished that we don’t change our tyres to suit the environment. The tyre manufacturer Continental recently conducted a survey which revealed many British drivers aren’t even aware that there are different tyres for different conditions.

frozen backlights in winter:
frozen backlights in winter

Winter tyres not only have deeper treads but they are made out of a different compound than all weather tyres which doesn’t get hard in cold temperatures. The tyres can be used all year round but are most effective at -7degrees or lower.

frozen rear view mirror:
frozen rear view mirror

There is something of a myth that most drink driving happens around the Christmas period but there are more convictions for drink driving in the summertime. However, there are statistically more accidents in the winter between November and January than over any other three month period during the rest of the year. There could be many reasons for this but the primary have got to be that the roads are wetter or icier than at any other time of the year. Winter tyres can reduce stopping distances on snowy roads by 8 metres at 30mph which is two full car lengths.

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