Popular Brands at the LA Auto Show

Popular Brands at the LA Auto Show

Do you ever want to be in a place where you can find yourself surrounded by hundred different cars? Well, we all like cars because it’s a dream machine that we all want for our personal and official use. However, if you want to be in such a place then you have to be at the LA Auto Show where you can find hundred different car models being lined up one after another. The Los Angeles Auto Show is already famous for its grand display and there are hundreds of different car manufacturers trying to promote their new cars to the audience.

LA Auto Show

The 2010 LA Auto Show is really getting a lot of attention because of the news that there are more 50 new companies that will join the list. This will certainly make the auto show more special because audience will enjoy taking a look at some of the new companies that might have the potential to compete in the future. However, if you take a look at some of the regular and popular brands then we have Hyundai who have their Hyundai Elantra on display for the very first time. Hyundai Elantra has been completely redesigned by Hyundai and this will be the first public appearance for the car. Apart from that Subaru will try to capture the audience attention with it range of new cars and also with the help of Impreza Concept car which is designed for concept car lovers. Lincoln will also bring up their latest offering Lincoln MKZ Hybrid which is a new hybrid vehicle. The biggest news about this hybrid vehicle is that Lincoln plans to sell it at the same price as other conventional cars.

Electric cars are becoming popular in many European and Asian countries and now it is capturing the North America market. Hence, you can see some of the top electric car models at the LA Auto Show. General Motors will come out with their Chevrolet Volt which is also an electric car which is gaining popularity. Overall, there are more than 12 electric cars and 15 concept cars at the LA Auto Show that you should not miss.

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