Bruised Ecclestone Used In Hublot Watches Ad

Bruised Ecclestone Used In Hublot Watches Ad

F1 Boss Bernie Ecclestone, who was recently beaten up and robbed, has been featured by watch manufacturer Hublot in a one-off advert that takes a lighter look at the incident in which Ecclestone had his Hublot watch stolen.

After the mugging, in which 80 year old Ecclestone was punched to the ground, he sent an email to the head of Hublot watches with a picture of his injuries and the line ‘See what people will do for a Hublot’. Ecclestone apparantly suggested the idea of running an advert with the picture, and the Swiss watch manufacturer ran with the idea.

The advert was featured for one-day only in both the Financial Times and the International Herald Tribune on the 8th December, featuring both the quote from the F1 boss and the original, un-manipulated image of his substantial facial injuries.

Hublot will also be rather pleased with Ecclestones’ comments after the attack, apparantly telling the Mirror “If I’d have worn my Tag Heuer, they probably wouldn’t have bothered”.

Guest post by John, who is an SEO freelancer, but during the day works for a company specialising in dedicated electrical estimating software.

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