Top Tips for Surviving a Car Accident

Top Tips for Surviving a Car Accident

Obviously a car accident is something that everyone wants to avoid but we are not always that lucky. On occasion car crashes can cause serious damage causing the person to apply for accident compensation.

Huge SUV crashed in accident:
huge SUV crashed in accident

However the condition of the vehicle is the last thing on people’s mind when it comes to being involved in an accident. In order to minimise the potential severity of a car accident there are a few things that you as a driver can do.

First of all if your vehicle is still functioning after the accident then it is a good idea to move it out of the path of on coming traffic. It is not uncommon for other motorists to also become involved in the accident because of a vehicle that has been left in their path. This is especially true on highways and motorways.

Crashed police car toy:
crashed police car toy

Secondly turn the ignition off in your car and make sure anyone else involved in the accident does the same. Whilst unlikely there is potential for internal damage to the car or fluids that are leaking to cause further problems.

Now that you have made the situation as safe as it can be you will need to check on the other parties involved in the accident. Depending on the health of these individuals then you may need to call both the police and emergency medial services. Of course if you yourself have been injured as a result of the crash then you will need to call an ambulance immediately. In the event that no body is injured it is recommended that you still get checked at the doctors, as some injuries such as whiplash may not immediately be apparent.

Crashed SUV:
crashed SUV

Next mark the area around the crash with any emergency signalling that you have in your vehicle. This is simply to inform other drivers there has been an accident and therefore will tell them to remain aware and vigilante.

Exchange insurance details with any other drivers involved but do not discuss the cause or attribute any blame until the police arrive.

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