The Best Motorhome In The World?

The Best Motorhome In The World?

There are some incredible motorhomes available to buy, particularly in America. But the vast majority of them pale in comparison to the Volkner Mobil Performance, a 460 horsepower luxury motorhome that costs a staggering $1.5million.

The Volkner features an integrated hydraulic cargo bay, which can carry a smaller vehicle up to 5m in length. Unfortunately, the additional vehicle isn’t included in the retail price, but it’s still a nice touch.

The interior of the motorhome is incredible, featuring top of the range furnishings and equipment and a beautifully finished, spacious interior. There’s a huge amount of room inside the vehicle, but if you’re not satisfied an additional three slides can be added to increase the interior space.
The interior features a fitted bathroom with 1,000 gallon massage shower, underfloor heating, built-in music system and even a porcelain toilet to remind you of home.

The lounge is no exception, with beautiful granite floors, leather furniture and beautifully finished cabinets:

The kitchen area rivals the kitchen in most houses, and features fridge-freezer, oven, microwave, sink, washer, dryer and dishwasher, as well as some fantastically designed storage areas:

On top of all this, the motorhome also features beautifully finished bedrooms and a built-in entertainment system. This system includes integrated music with Dolby Surround Sound speakers, a Bose stereo system and an Aquos LCD TV.

The finishing touches are also incredible, with my personal favourite little touch being the taps, which glow blue when the water’s cold, and blue when it’s hot:

Written by Chris, who works for a motorhomes company dealing with used motorhomes and motorhome rental.

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