Mount your winter tires easily

Mount your winter tires easily

Making the change from summer tires to winter tires can be simplified if you keep your winter tires mounted on a second set of “winter” wheels. they’re ready to be bolted right on the car in a matter of minutes, instead of having to take your winter tires somewhere to be installed on your “summer” wheels.

Mount your winter tires:
Mount your winter tires

If your winter tires need to be mounted and balanced on your summer wheels, consider the costs that will add up over the years. Most winter tires last at least three seasons, so mounting and rebalancing once to put the winter tires on, and once to take them off, could easily cost you more than sixty dollars a year. After three years of pay-ing this expense, a ready-to-mount tire and wheel package usually proves to be a much more economical and efficient way to change over to your winter tires.

Winter tires in action:
winter tires

And by using steel wheels or take-off wheels, you won’t need to worry about exposing your vehicle’s original wheels or quality aftermarket wheels to the salt and grime of winter driving. More importantly, you’ll have the confidence, control, and traction that you expect from your winter tires from the first snowfall. You’ll never have to risk that treacherous drive in the first snow!

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  1. I have tough about ready-to-mount tires and wheel package. Now that I have the figures, I am ready to invest in them!

  2. these tires are really tough and the look is also really good, tire makes a unique attration for the cars or any other automobile…