Laws of the road you probably didn’t know

Laws of the road you probably didn’t know

A collection of odd and comical laws from around the World. Many of these laws for one reason or another is still written in to the law.

Below are the best road laws you probably didn’t know existed : –

Fall city road in Sammamish, WA:
Fall city road in Sammamish, WA

1. Sounding your horn in certain districts of Shanghai is illegal and may get you fined. Sounding your horn in many countries or during unsociable hours unnecessarily can result in a fine.

2. It is perfectly legal for a man in the UK to urinate on the rear wheel of his vehicle, providing that his right hand is placed on the motor vehicle.

3. During peak traffic in Manila motor vehicles with licence plates finishing in one or two are not allowed to travel on predefined City routes.

4. In Scituate, Rhode Island it is illegal to drive with alcohol in your vehicle regardless of whether it is opened or sealed.

City Road during Worship Street fire:
City Road during Worship Street fire

5. In Idaho certain rules prevent Police officers from approaching and searching a car for suspect adult activities. The procedure in which they need to follow is to sound there horn, flash there horn and then wait for three minutes before proceeding.

6. Taxi drivers in Finland have to pay royalty fees to the ‘Finish Copyright Society’ each time they play a track in there taxi cab, this is only in effect when carrying fair paying passengers.

Although in the law many of these are still written practically all of them have been simply forgotten and exist only on paper from a time when cars were few and far between. Many exist on websites just for the humour factors.

It would be very unlikely for any of the above scenarios to result in the documented actions. If you were for example to urinate on your car and get caught, mentioning some by-law from hundreds of years ago is unlikely to exonerate you.

The road to sunset in the city:
The road to sunset in the city

Some and perhaps all of these rules would have other nations thinking your crazy if these laws were still abided by in today’s modern society don’t you think?

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