Known Issues with Volkswagen Cars - Keeping Your VW in Tip Top Shape

Known Issues with Volkswagen Cars

A Volkswagen can be a driver’s most prized possession, as it is a brand associated with fine German automotive engineering. The top selling vehicle in Europe, Volkswagen offers everything from popular SUVs to the new Beetle model, an update of their timeless classic.  One should naturally take proper care of such a fine car, maintaining it in the best condition possible to guarantee a long life. However, the costs of Volkswagen repairs are often high, resulting in low customer satisfaction.  Selecting the finest auto shops in the San Diego area will result in the best repair result no matter what your make or model is.

Volkswagen Touareg V 10 TDI:
Volkswagen Touareg V 10 TDI

Brake repairs are definitely one of the most important maintenance checkups at shops that repair Volkswagens around San Diego. One common concern is brake leakage due to fluid loss. Often, experts will recommend replacing the Volkswagen’s wheel cylinders, after checking for wet spots of fluid inside of wheels. Volkswagen brakes also need to be properly adjusted, while checking for buildup of dust. Removing the dust often takes care of any unusual noises one may hear and be concerned about in their particular model.

Volkswagen Touareg hybrid:
Volkswagen Touareg hybrid

San Diego Volkswagen repair often includes a thorough check on the vehicle’s electrical systems. Mechanics will first test your battery to see that it is functioning properly. If the battery is fully charging, another precaution is making sure the starter and alternator are both in good working order. A common problem also stems from corroded or frayed electrical connections that may interrupt the regular mechanical workings of some Volkswagens.

A Herbie Volkswagen New Beetle:
A Herbie Volkswagen New Beetle

Timing belts can also be the cause of problems associated with Volkswagen models. It’s very important to take care of these belts and replace them on a regular basis, as they provide no advanced failure warning and are critical to the survival of the engine. Timing belts should be replaced about every 60,000 miles, before snapping or breaking occurs. They are essential to the proper functioning of valves in your vehicle. Diligent maintenance of belts will be needed if engines are leaky or belts are exposed to frequent high temperatures.

Volkswagen New Beetle

Regular tune-ups will also extend the life of your Volkswagen, whether it is a new or classic model. Auto shops, such as those in San Diego, recommend this service every 10,000 miles, or if a driver has trouble starting a vehicle or has noticed decreased gas mileage. A tune up will include maintenance work such as removing spark plugs and installing new ones, while making sure the seals are in good condition. Employees will also check all fluids and hoses, as well as adjust the ignition and idle. Once your Volkswagen is ready for the road again, be sure to watch for any signs that may require a further checkup to keep it in tip top working order for that next long trip out of town.

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