Fun little known facts about eyewear

Fun little known facts about eyewear

Here are some interesting (and some of them even little known) facts about corrective and stylish eyewear.

To begin with, we will state some fun facts about prescription glasses:

Kids eyewear:
kids eyewear

And we will start from the beginning of course. When it all started? We are positive that small is the number of those who know when the first pair of prescription glasses appeared. Well, they first appeared in Italy and the time is over seven centuries ago. They did not look quite like the glasses of today, i.e. they did not have arms and they easily would slip from the nose which is exactly the reason why this invention was so little estimated in the past. There was even a saying among the sailors of the time who claimed that wearing gold earrings will improve their vision more than wearing the slipping eyewear.

Today, the glasses come with arms and even with additional chains made of leather, plastic, metal or some other material, and that is only one of the many reasons why today we see their real value so clearly. We can even buy glasses online, save money and have a wider array of products on our disposition.  And here is a fun fact you probably know. Most of the eyewear users today buy their glasses online.


But the new era has also brought other changes in the world of eyewear. And speaking of which, there is the kind of glasses which help people cure vision anomalies such as presbyopia, myopia and some other similar conditions. And did you know that presbyopia is the fourth most common vision anomaly in the world? These glasses are called varifocal glasses. You can get varifocal glasses absolutely everywhere and the price varies from one place to another.

However, it is not only a matter of vision, glasses have become a matter of style too which is the reason why so many people are buying designer glasses. Designer glasses can be bought either online or at a land base store and of course, are a bit more pricy, but it is worth it.

And a fun fact for the end. When we have a headache after a long night spent reading, it is not our eyes that hurt, but our brain because the process is done by the brain and the eyes are only receivers.

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