BMW to recall more than 6,500 motorcycles due to faulty breaks

BMW to recall more than 6,500 motorcycles due to faulty breaks

Approximately 6,600 motorcycles were affected and are due to be recalled.

Luckily for BMW there have been no recorded accidents or fatalities that have been caused by the break problem directly. However according to them, a small number of complaints were received.

BMW S 1000 RR motorcycle:
BMW S 1000 RR

Regardless this news is most defiantly a massive blow to BMW and accounts for a third of the production during the 3 year period. This is the second blow to BMW in short succession and a similar fault was found in 2008. BMW spokespeople mentioned that modifications to the brake fluid lines had failed to isolate the problem.

According to owners of said motorcycles vibrations could be felt when riding the bike and these vibrations caused the brake lines to develop leaks that allow the brake fluid to escape which leads to reduced pressure in the breaking system and eventually a worst case scenario failure of the front breaks.

The failure is responsible for 0.1% of BMW’s manufactured vehicles. Amongst the effected models of motorcycles are the 1200 GS Adventure, the R 1200 GS, the R 1200 R, the R 1200 RT, the R 1200 ST and the K 1200 GT models.

1999 BMW K1200RS 1171cc motorcycle:
1999 BMW K1200RS 1171cc

This issue although widely affecting the motorcycle range has not impacted on BMW’s share value which actually gained value on this same day.

BMW made this recall within months of another major car manufacturer Toyota made similar recalls for a massive 8.5 million cars globally which resulted in literally billions of dollars wiped from Toyota and the Japanese stock market value.

BMW R1200 GS motorcycle:
BMW R1200 GS

With most Countries around the World feeling the pinches of a credit crunch these businesses will no doubt be in a worse situation. Safety amongst automobiles is paramount to both; Toyota and BMW brand image. In the middle of financial uncertainty casting doubt about manufacturer’s abilities to create reliable motor vehicles will have a negative impact on the company, if not in the current as has been seen by BMW’s share prices remaining relatively unscathed in the future.

Those who are most likely to ‘jump ship’ are those directly affected by the Manufacturers erroneous vehicles. Negativity is passed on more than compliments, but hopefully this will be a lesson learned from.

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  1. OMG think when someone rides motorcycle at high speed and due to faulty breaks speed is not going down. But it’s really too much risky to ride this kind of motorcycle.