6 Advantages of Mobile Mechanics

6 Advantages of Mobile Mechanics

There are several advantages for motorists of using mobile mechanics as opposed to taking their car to a traditional garage. Convenience is obviously a huge factor, but there are also several others that might not have sprung to mind straight away. We uncover the pluses.

They Come To You
This is the huge one. For absolute maximum convenience factor, mobile mechanics win hands down. Being able to continue on with whatever you are doing at home, instead of having to trawl into and wait in a mechanic’s garage is a great benefit. Similarly, one’s work is only minimally disrupted, with mobile mechanics able to meet you at your place of work. One can then keep an eye on how things are going, and also talk to the mechanic at hand about how to proceed with any mechanical issues without delay.

Mobile Mechanics van:
Mobile Mechanics van

Available When Garages Are Sometimes Closed
With many mechanics knocking off at lunchtime on a Saturday, the weekend can be one of the worst times to have car problems. It’s also one of the best times for motorists to arrange a service, when they have free time, if only the mechanics’ workshops were open. With many mobile mechanics being available on Saturday afternoons they have an advantage here.

Up Front Pricing For Services
Some mobile mechanics have advertised rates which include the convenience of them coming to you. This may be for standardised services like grease and oil changes and safety checks. Up front pricing avoids nasty surprises from those that don’t operate in this manner, only giving a bill once work is done. If you are happy with the rates provided, the mechanic can come to your doorstep, leaving you with nothing to worry about.

Mobile Mechanics:
Mobile Mechanics

Warranty Servicing
Almost all new cars, and some second hand cars come with some sort of warranty, either from the vehicle manufacturer, or from the car dealership where you purchased your vehicle. As part of the warranty stipulation, the driver may be required to ensure the vehicle has regular servicing. While those that sold you the vehicle would ideally like you to have your servicing done with them, this normally cannot be enforced under consumer legislation.

This opens up the consumer to additional choices, rather than being forced to use the dealership or car manufacturer, who may be looking to charge above market rates. There may be certain requirements to maintain the car warranty, such as using genuine spare parts, but as long as your mechanic satisfies these stipulations, then you shouldn’t have any troubles. Check that your mobile mechanic passes on these criteria, and save yourself the trouble of driving around for your next service.

No Towing Costs
One little thought of benefit is for those whose cars are not roadworthy. One would usually be forced to employ a tow-truck driver to tow your car to the local garage, even before any repairs are done. Unless your vehicle is seriously damaged, having a mobile mechanic come to you may alleviate you of this requirement, fixing your car then and there.

If one’s car is roadworthy, but one is concerned about further deterioration of a mechanical fault, then a mobile mechanic is helpful in eliminating the need for a nervous drive to the mechanics garage.

Whether it’s your next car service or necessary repairs, mobile mechanics can be a useful resource, offering something extra compared to traditional mechanics. Convenience, extended operating hours and some safety and towing benefits are some of the ways mobile mechanics can differentiate themselves.

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