5 Ways to Get the Car of Your Dreams

5 Ways to Get the Car of Your Dreams

Buying a car is not easy, especially when you are college-going and probably cash-strapped as well. Financing a car is not the only consideration; you have to look into the model, safety features, usage, and other things. However, getting the car of your dreams and finding new car deals is not impossible if you know the right ways to get them.

Internet Research

The Internet is a fantastic tool for a car quest. If you have any particular car in mind, research its price, history, safety features, and additional options on the Internet. The best way is to visit the manufacturer’s website to check out the cars. Apart from pricing, see the finance options and car warranty period of the dream car. The next step is to find authentic dealers. Be positive about the dealer you approach.

Porsche – car of your dreams:
Porsche - car of your dreams

Financing the Car

Unless you have a steady and permanent source of income, it is difficult to get auto loans because the money lender will be apprehensive regarding your repayment capability. Of course, you can ask your parents to chip in but the joy of owning your own car with your own hard-earned money is an entirely different experience! So, ask your parents or guardian for a loan and pay them back every month, without any delay. If possible, try to pay the total car cost as down payment; otherwise, you have to pay heavy APR.

Aston Martin DBS, Vanquish S and V12 Vantage:
Aston Martin DBS, Vanquish S and V12 Vantage

Type of Car

When you have the finance ready, decide about the type of car you want – a new car or a used car – both having its benefits. With students, used cars are popular, as they are priced conveniently. But before getting a used car, keep in mind that the used car might have been in a road accident before. In other words, a large percentage of the used cars in market could have been in an accident previously. Therefore, before considering the car, look into its history, any previous mechanical problems, maintenance history, and whether it was involved in any accidents.

Dealership Issues

When the finance and type of car is in place, begin to look for car dealers. Car dealerships are a business, so obviously, they would want to make money by selling their cars. But you must be sure to avoid the common and costly problems of car buying. How? Avoid common mistakes by not giving the dealership your social security number, looking for the best price in a competitive market, not letting the dealer get the car from another dealer as it will increase its cost unnecessarily, not buying a car with a missing MSRP or an invoice sticker, and buying cars directly from the factory outlet.

BMW M3 with carbon fiber components:
BMW M3 with carbon fiber components

Safety Standards

Never ever compromise with the car safety standards! Every year, nearly 20 million people find themselves in accidents. There can be several reasons and, among them, problems in car safety standards is the biggest. Ensure that your dream car deal has the basic standard features such as antilock brakes, electronic control, seat belts, airbags, interlocking system, and safety grid for maximum impact control.

Buying a car is an important investment, and utmost caution should be applied when purchasing one.

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