Use The Motability Car Scheme to Get a More Affordable Vehicle

Use The Motability Car Scheme to Get a More Affordable Vehicle

The Motability car scheme was specially setup to help those with a disability afford a car that will assist them with their day to day lives. The scheme allows disabled individuals to lease or buy a car using part of their disability living allowance. Obviously these cars make travel much easier for those with a disability and thus they are able to go places that they previously couldn’t or need a taxi to get to.


Motability Car Scheme

The vast majority of people choose to lease a car as the financing options are more suitable to their needs and you are provided with the option of being able to get a brand new car in a few years time. However the Motability aspect of the leasing takes this a step further and covers financing for taxation, servicing, maintenance and insurance. Clearly this is a huge advantage, as anyone eligible for a car or vehicle on the scheme does not need to concern themselves with the normal costs and liabilities that come with running a vehicle.

If you take my place, also take my disability

If you take my place, also take my disability!

One of the main reasons that leasing a car on this scheme is so popular is that it allows the purchased to name up to two drivers who are able to access and drive the vehicle. These additional drivers will also be covered for insurance under the Motability scheme.

Toyota's Attempt at Wheelchair Access

If purchasing a car through the Motability car scheme you will miss out on the tax and servicing benefits that come from leasing via this scheme. It’s fairly easy to obtain a car through this scheme provided you are eligible. You can visit the Motability scheme website and find a local dealer who is able to provide these types of vehicles. Then it is just a case of providing the necessary details as you would when renting or buying any car.

Another popular way to locate wheelchair accessible vehicles is to browse online.

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