The Future Of Parking

The Future Of Parking

The Cube – Birmingham’s intruiging new development which includes shops, bars, restaurants, offices, apartments and a hotel – will feature some of the most modern parking technologies in the world.

The developments’ car park (which is located 20m underground) will house incredible new technology worth £2million, allowing drivers to have their cars parked by a hi-tech robotic system that places cars into bays situated on top of each other.

The car park was designed to minimise the impact of the new development on The Mailbox; a collection of shops, bars and restaurants in close proximity to The Cube. The automated system, which was developed by German company WOHR Car Parking Systems, is only the second to be utilised by a major development anywhere in the world.

The system works by providing drivers with indiviual keyfobs to track their vehicle. They then drive into one of the available lifts, exit the car and let the automated system take over – placing the vehicle into an available bay. When you’re ready to collect your car, you simply swipe your keyfob and the robotic lift will locate and return your vehicle.

So drivers in Birmingham can say goodbye to forgetting where they’ve parked their car or driving aimlessly round the car park looking for a space. Just don’t expect to see these automated systems become commonplace in the UK; at £2million per installation, only major cities with large new developments are likely to feature these car parks.

Guest post by Rob, a writer specialising in car news and business intelligence (although his day job is selling pre owned watches).

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