Mercedes Recalls 85,000 Cars in the US

Mercedes Recalls 85,000 Cars in the US

Mercedes-Benz has been forced to recall exactly 85,078 of its vehicles due to a recently discovered steering defect which could lead to a sudden or gradual loss of power steering. This would make driving more difficult and strenuous than it needs to be. Certain maneuvers, such as parking, will become especially difficult as a result.

Power steering has become the standard for modern cars; many Americans take for granted the amount of strength it would take to steer a car without it. Some drivers don’t even know what it’s like to drive a car without power steering and may be shocked by the sudden change.


Mercedes Benz E-Class recall:
Mercedes Benz E-Class recall

The affected models are the 2010 C-Class 204, E-Class 212, and 2010-2011 E-Class 207. It is believed that every vehicle in these classes has a chance of being affected and should be inspected by a Mercedes-Benz dealer just to be sure.

The problem was originally discovered because customers started complaining about a loss of power steering. When enough people were affected by the same exact problem, it was determined that the manufacturer was at fault.

Over 85,000 vehicles were manufactured before Mercedes-Benz accepted responsibility for the problem and ultimately chose to make the announcement that they were voluntarily recalling their product. However, it is important to keep in mind that once a manufacturer admits to a defect, they have no choice but to fix it at little to no cost to the consumer.

When these particular cars were being made, not enough torque was applied to a fitting on the high-pressure power steering line, causing it to be likely to fail and leak power steering fluid as a result. This would cause the O-ring seal around this line to become loose. The effects of this could come on suddenly and without much warning, potentially creating an extremely dangerous (or even fatal) situation.

Mercedes Benz C-Class recall:
Mercedes Benz E-Class recall

Apparently, no accidents have been caused by this problem, but Mercedes-Benz is doing all it can to commit itself to fixing the defect before any related accidents have a chance to occur. Keep in mind, however, that almost a hundred thousand cars were made before Mercedes-Benz made this recall, which really should make you wonder about safety regulations and testing. Why weren’t they aware of this problem much earlier? What other areas of their cars could be defective without their knowledge?

Mercedes-Benz is promising to fix the issue with absolutely no cost to the consumer. Those who believe they may be affected are encouraged to bring their car back to a Mercedes-Benz dealer to fix the issue. There, the dealer will re-torque the connection to the power steering, free of charge. They may also replace the O-ring seal if it shows sign of wear and tear or loosening. Getting your car fixed is absolutely essential to ensure that you are driving the safest vehicle possible.

Sarah Danielson writes for Boston Garage Equipment a leading supplier of vehicle workshop equipment.

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