<title> Lotus Rising: New Cars to be revealed at Paris Auto Show</title>

Lotus Rising: New Cars to be revealed at Paris Auto Show

The Paris Auto show is no joke.  Some of the biggest and best names in automobile manufacturing trot out their wares, many of which are up for mass ogling for the first time, in the hopes of garnering attention for their new line-ups.  And boy, do the collective ears of the car world perk up when Lotus Cars announces that they will have not just one, but several new cars for the perusal of the public.  Of course, with the economy continuing its weary trudge towards an uncertain future, even luxury brands are getting hit pretty hard.  But that doesn’t seem to have deterred Lotus, which is, if anything, more determined than ever to deliver the sporty, edgy styling that their customers expect (even if it comes with an astronomical price tag).  And in their big reveal at the Paris Auto Show next month, they will not disappoint.


2011 Lotus Evora S:
2011 Lotus Evora S Paris Motor Show

While several cars are slated for display (with models set for release dates as far in the future as 2015) the one that seems to be drawing the most oohs and ahhs is the new Elite (which will not even begin production until 2014).  What immediately makes this car special (you know, besides the emblem on the hood) is the new styling concept that has been realized in a truly unique body.  If you were the devil, you might drive a car that looked like this one, because it is straight up wicked.  With a front end that looks like (no joke) the nose of a shark, and a sleek, aerodynamic body to boot, this car will certainly turn heads.  But the real magic is not in the body; it’s what this little beauty has under the hood.

2011 Lotus Evora S:
2011 Lotus Evora S Paris Motor Show

The 5-liter V-8 can belt out an awesome 620 horsepower, which ought to make this 4-seat coupe practically vanish into another dimension.  Have you ever wondered if you could make it from L.A. to Vegas in half the time?  If it were legal to go that fast, this would be the car to try it in.  Additionally, there will be the option to purchase a hybrid package that features flywheel technology to capture energy, much like the application used in some Formula 1 racecars.  So it seems there’s a little something for everyone, even if they have declined to support the Lotus platform (and their gas-guzzling sports cars) in the past.

2011 lotus elise:
2011 lotus elise

While there is, as of yet, no spec list pertaining to the particulars of this exotic and desirable demon on wheels, it appears that a price tag in the $180,000 range has been tentatively applied.  This is decidedly on the high side for a Lotus vehicle, considering current models like the Elise and Evora go for approximately $50,000 and $75,000, respectively.  The Esprit is closer, coming in at a whopping $130,000.  And by the way, rumors abound that this standby will soon have a successor, possibly to be revealed at the Paris Auto Show.  But rather than listen to the rumor mill, why not just hop over to the show and see for yourself?  If nothing else, you can get close enough to touch a lot of cars you’ll probably never own.

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  1. Mike says:

    your aware they released 5 or 6 at this motor show arent you? not just 2?