8 Amazing Car Paint Jobs

8 Amazing Car Paint Jobs

As standard, cars don’t come in particularly unique colours; most of the time we see black, white, red, blue, etc. with the occassional excitement of seeing a car with a crazy paint job.

Some people however, just aren’t satisfied with anything but complete individuality when it comes to the colour of their vehicle, as demonstrated in some of the pictures below.

Enjoy this list of the best 7 car paint jobs I’ve come across:

Lamborghini Tattoo Car:
Lamborghini Tattoo Car

Audi tt british flag paint job:
audi tt british flag paint job

Cool car paint job:
Cool car paint job

US flag car paint:
us flag car paint

FHM Cleavage Car paint job:
FHM Cleavage Car paint job

Outrage Paint Tetsu Bentley:
Outrage Paint Tetsu Bentley

Outrage Paint Chrome SLR:
Outrage Paint Chrome SLR

Outrage Paint Matte Bentley:
Outrage Paint Matte Bentley

Guest post by David, who works for a company providing industrial heaters and warehouse heating solutions

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  1. Amazing paint jobs! Only problem I could see is selling the car!