2011 Nissan GT-R, Review, Prices, Test, Photos

2011 Nissan GT-R, Review, Prices, Test, Photos

Japanese is the language that I really do not understand, but after driving Nissan GT-R, I began to think that it … Almost certainly there is no word, appropriate to the translation of the concept which we understand as a compromise. Why? So it is enough just to see what occurs when new Nissan sports car arrive at the Nurburgring Nordschleife. And the rule of panic, even among those strongest and most confident. As a rule, Nissan brings them in line behind his new sports car! Then goes – stop, look, first of all and learn!

2011 Nissan GT-R

Unique in every way
But also the door Nissan GT-R opened otherwise than in other cars. You place your finger in one side, and the other end of the “handle” pull. The tendency towards the less mass to move around, or according to some, ends right there.

GT-R is extremely stable at all speeds thanks to fantastic vehicle aerodynamics.

2011 Nissan GT-R

Lever to change gear is located on the pillar of the steering wheel, unlike most solutions that use the lever on the steering wheel. Objection: levers can be a little longer

Somehow, from a far; GT-R seems like a tank and there is a nick name for – Godzilla. Clumsy, far from what is understood as a beautiful, designer “slack” sports car. However, who goes way to raise the nose; it will quickly change his mind when you hear information about the air resistance coefficient, which is 0.27, which is extremely low for a sports car, “full” of various air intakes, which adversely affect the aerodynamics. A GT-R becomes overwhelmingly beautiful when it start to consume the mileage.

A kind of “beast” in order to identify, start the engine. However, pressing the button, which in itself is nothing special, no motor no “Grune” very. Two turbo-chargers will help the performance of the 6 cylinder engine to reach and overtake larger cars with atmospheric 8 cylinder engines. Thus, the “cold start” engine sound is even a little disappointing. However, awakened machine reveals its extreme short punches moving metal parts. As an old lathe …

2011 Nissan GT-R

2011 Nissan GT-R

As with most true sports cars, the use of carbon fiber is abundant

When driver selects first gear, the noise is almost frightening. Sound like metal parts loud blow, with the whole car shake, which clearly indicates the limits of possible Nissan engineers have developed the GT-R. This is a noise of a super sporty car and nearly the end of what modern engineering can do in serial production cars.

Slowly warming up…

Even the slowest start typically starts racing feeling. Transmission with double clutch does not work refined at all. Running from the scene, different sounds appear to inform us that differentials of fantastic all-wheel drive have been awakened.

2011 Nissan GT-R

2011 Nissan GT-R

For the proper utilization of that which is designed for ultimate performance Nissan GT-R, it is necessary to consistently follow the instructions at that temperature it is possible to start with the “squeezing” the last atomic power, seeking the last micron “capture” of gears, springs limit of endurance and maintaining the right viscosity oil hydraulic systems. However, when the Japanese “Titan” car worm up, it is fully ready for competition or harder training, like an athlete after a mandatory stretching. “Bam, bam, bam” is heard at the inclusion of one hour, another hour joints. Currently shifting, tracks the change in frequency of sound engine, which, with two turbo-chargers, with increasing speed, it becomes strikingly loud. Little too short levers to change gear on the steering wheel, are one of the things that can be written in a very short list of objections.

The front seats offer good side support, but the limits of possibility Nissan GT-R well above average, and sometimes lack of real racing “cocoons”. The rear seats only for those lower stature, primarily because of insufficient space for the head.

2011 Nissan GT-R

2011 Nissan GT-R

Although differentials now muted whistle, always hear and always remind how great the directness of the car. In fact, it’s hard to find a sports car that would be more direct and communicative than Nissan GT-R. With him, it is possible to experience all the speed … not like those where it appears that at speeds above 250 km / h, are not so quick. GT-R, regardless of speed, constantly transmits information to the driver of equal intensity and precision. It seems that even when the speed approaches that of the maximum possible in a corner, feel and pebble over which crossed the rubber.

For all situations

The degree of directness and aggression of all that can be individually adjusted via the three buttons at the bottom of the central console, which controls the differential and transmission, suspension and engine, with electronic traction control wheel. With the most extreme program of the “R”, it is possible to choose a special program of the differential and gear for snow and ice, spring is the maximum possible “soften” for comfort over long distances, and electronic traction control can be completely excluded.

In other words, the GT-R can be adapted to individual standards, as well as the manner and circumstances of any particular use.

Red Heat
With a truly extreme performance in which the car appears as a real racing machine, with the necessary support to the body of the driver, the Nissan GT-R can be relaxed ride and on long trips. This extreme sports car offers a great space and satisfying rear seats. For a car of this type, the trunk is simply incredibly big. Simply, sports extremists with a large dose of usability. Yes … But!

2011 Nissan GT-R

“But…” is the sigh of a good contract in fine print (small print) or as a rule, that the great difficulty, mostly hidden in the small things. In fact, driving in the hot, summer days, I found that even with the relatively peaceful “use” interior warm up to the point that does not help either working air conditioners at the absolute maximum.

The coldest air, namely, it is the greatest power in the lower part of the target vehicle, and even then, the car cannot cool down the heated center differential, engine and everything else, with not very good insulation, which is a tribute to the aspirations of the less mass. In the trunk everything is cooking at temperatures above fifty degrees Celsius! In summer, if the travel is longer, the driver and passengers are arriving all sweated, and if you thing you can have a perfume after the ride thing that it will explode in the heated trunk. If I were an engineer at Nissan, on those remarks I would only answer – you asked for it!

The main finding with all the delicacies that made the drive Nissan GT-R, is that really is not all in cash, respectively, that are not defined by any amount required for one car. This Nissan, namely, cost even more than twice less than the other super sports cars, with which have is fully equal or better performances.

Nissan GT-R specification

Type / number of gas cylinders, turbo, V6
Displacement 3799 cc
Number of valves / type injection 24/multipoint
Max. power kW / hp / rpm 357/486/6400
torque Nm / rpm 588/3200
Type / number of seats / doors coupe/4/2
L x W x H mm 4650x1845x1315
wheelbase 2780 mm
mass of vehicle / payload kg 1815/385
Luggage volume 315 l
forward double transverse shoulder, helical springs, shock absorbers, multilink
rear, spiral springs, shock absorbers
front / rear – disc / disc
dimensions of 255/40 – 285/30 ZR20
Power transmission
line integral
type of transmission / automatic transmission degrees / 6
Acceleration 0-100 km / h, with 3.5
Maximum speed km / h 310
average consumption of 10.6 l/100 km
CO2 emissions g / km 249
Price (EU): 83 500 €

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  1. With sports cars, that can start as early as the second model year. But the GT-R is somewhat of an exception given its legendary status and limited volumes. Not only does it blast from 0 to 60 mph in the low-three-second range, but it handles with ease.The audacious-looking GT-R is shaped to cheat the wind, route cooling air where it’s needed and maintain aerodynamic downforce, front and rear.

  2. I just got a black GT-R last week. No miles, $500 below sticker, in the Washington DC area. Other dealers in the area were all quoting sticker. I also got a sticker quote from a dealer in New Jersey. Thus, no longer a premium over sticker, at least in the mid-Atlantic states.Love the GT-R so far; only downsides relative the E55 are the ride.

  3. Amazing car. It’s shame that most of the cars is a lot expensive in Europe then in USA,

  4. If it is like its predecessor, then this would be a great car. I look at these characteristics, and most seem improved, often it is not case. We’ll have to wait to hit the market, so to see its real performance.