Vauxhall Vivaro Voted No.1

Vauxhall Vivaro Voted No.1

The Vauxhall Vivaro ticks all the boxes for commercial vehicle drivers – Its comes in a range of styles and different door styles, which may not sound like a lot, but speaking from experience, dropping off furniture is much different than say, driving wedding cakes about the place. Ok, so I may have made that last bit up but I’m working off a pretty decent hunch.

British Transport Police Vauxhall Vivaro Cage Van :
British Transport Police Vauxhall Vivaro Cage Van

The Vivaro has twin rear doors and can be swung clear to 165 degrees and locked in place at 90 degrees to provide safe and convenient loading, even where space is restricted meaning you wont get clobbered by a stealth door whilst you’re busy wrestling with a wardrobe. There is also the option of 250 degree opening rear doors which allows the driver to reverse right up to a door way for easier access.

British Transport Police Vauxhall Vivaro Unmarked Dog Unit :
British Transport Police Vauxhall Vivaro Unmarked Dog Unit

There is also the one-metre sliding side access door that comes as standard on the near side of the van. The off side sliding door is also available at an extra cost.

Because of the size of the Vivaro, it’s a big old girl, you’ll have plenty of space to slap your snazzy corporate logo on both sides and the back meaning that passersby wont have to squint to see the contact details for ‘Wok this Way deliveries’ in its hot magenta sign writing.

Vauxhall Vivaro Curse of the Sky TV Van :
Vauxhall Vivaro Curse of the Sky TV Van

The Vivaro comes with a choice of 3 engines, the 2.0 CDTi with 90 BHP; the 2.0 CDTi with 115 BHP or the 2.5 CDTi with 146 BHP, so not matter what you plan to use your van for, there should be the engine to suit you.
The Vivaro comes in four different body styles; there is the sportive; double cab; sportive double cab and the conversion.

The Sportive combines driver comfort with a sport exterior style. The unique specification includes a security alarm and a range of metallic or pearlescent paints at no extra cost. On the move, the Sportive gives you a choice of two highly efficient common rail turbo diesel engines, the 2.0 CDTi 115 BHP and the 2.5 CDTi 146 BHP – both are known for their flexibility when driving around town and the effortless performance on the motorway.

Vauxhall Vivaro :
Vauxhall Vivaro misc

The Double-Cab provides practicality and comfort and is available with a standard roof in short and long wheelbase versions. All double cab models feature a contoured rear bench seat for three passengers – all of which have height adjustable head restraints, plus lap and diagonal seatbelts. There is two sliding side access door that ensure easy passenger access, while the high – strength ABS plastic bulkhead on all versions has an integral window for increased visibility.

The Sportive Double Cab combines all the Double Cab qualities with unique styling accents and a host of added comfort features. It also brings an added visual appeal to the double cab formula, which has more than proved its worth. It has a wide range of uses including both business and recreational activities and is also available in a choice of short and long wheelbase models, with payloads up to 1111kg and a choice of either the 2.0 CDTi 16v (115 BHP) or the 2.5 CDTi 16v (146 BHP) common rail turbo diesel engines.

Vauxhall Vivaro passing thru :
Vauxhall Vivaro passing thru

The Vauxhall Conversions is a variety of different Vivaro models tailored to meet specific needs. The Vivaro dropside has an uninterrupted 5.6 square metre of load area and lightweight anodised aluminium dropsides and tailboard. It also sports several under floor storage compartments providing 920 litres of easily accessible load space.
The Vivaro Combi is perfectly equipped for upmarket courtesy and business transportation. The combi is available in SWB and LWB varieties and features a fold and stow facility on the third row of seats to easily and quickly transform the vehicle from a nine seater to a six seater with added luggage space.

Vauxhall Vivaro coca cola van :
Vauxhall Vivaro coca cola van

Vauxhall Vivaro coca cola van back view :
Vauxhall Vivaro coca cola van

There are also 3 different option packs available with the Vivaro which consist of the Visions Pack; the Electric Pack and the Smoker Pack. The Vision pack consists of:
– Rain – Sensitive windscreen wipers
– Automatic Lighting Control (ALC)
– Front fog lights
– Selective door locking
– Electric pack (this is standard on the Sportive model)
The Electric Pack:
– Electrically operated front windows
– Electrically adjustable/heated door mirrors
And the Smoker Pack:
– Cigar lighter and ashtray.

However, don’t just take our word for it, a leading pump maker (SPP Pumps) has said that the Vivaro is the vehicle for them, even converting their 17-strong fleet to the Vauxhall model.

John Warren, Operations Manager for SPP, said “The primary job of our engineers is to fix pumps. Driving is incidental to that it’s important that as they move between jobs they can do so in comfort and safety so that when they arrive at the customer they are less stressed and tired and able to work more effectively.” Then going on to say “We chose the Vivaro because of its high level of specification to which we added the electric pack, which provides features such as electric windows, mirrors and remote locking. In addition we added air conditioning and an up-specification driver seat option that all make the vans more comfortable and easier to drive and use.

So you see, it isn’t just me that thinks the Vivaro is top quality. A genuine fleet owner only uses the Vivaro range for his business. We think it’s the best, he thinks it’s the best… they must be doing something right at Vauxhall HQ.

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