<title> Top Tech For Your Vehicle</title>

Top Tech For Your Vehicle

As technology advances there are more and more high tech gadgets that can be fitted to your vehicle. Some standards include a stereo system and fan heater but there are many more devices that take advantage of some of the most recent technological advancements.

Winged Car

Something that has been around for a while in mobile devices is Bluetooth. A close proximity wireless network allows you to hook you mobile phone up to your car without the use of any wires. In countries such as the UK it is now illegal to drive whilst speaking on your phone. The use of Bluetooth by manufactures such as Toyota, Nissan, BMW and Chrysler provide an elegant solution to achieve this. The high tech systems can be operated by simply speaking a command in order to ring people or add new numbers to your phone book.

Jeep Wrangler Unlimited

Hard Disk Drive

Hard Disk Drive

Having a hard drive in your car to store music and movies on is a recent option made available for the Jeep Wrangler Unlimited. You access the hard drive through USB ports in the vehicle which enables you to store a lot more than you would get on your personal music player.

You may all be familiar with parking sensors place on the back of cars which will alert the driver of any obstacles in their way as they reverse. Well some car manufactures have decided to take this a step further and fit their vehicles with a camera at the back of the car for easier parking. The camera will display the video on the navigation screen on the dashboard of the car making any obstacles behind you vehicle clearly visible.

Citroen c5

Citroen C Airscape

Citroen C Airscape

A lane departure warning system is a piece of technology that has been in use on many of the cars Citroen manufacture for a few years now. Making use of a camera at the rear of the car the warning system will alert you using a buzzer when you deviate from your lane without indicating.

This is a guest post by Alex who is a car fanatic working for a company in the patio heaters business.

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