Top 10 luxury cars

Top 10 luxury cars

If you are a fan of cars and you want something classy to represent you the best way possible, then you need a luxury car. These cars are expensive most of the times but they are totally worth the money. Luxury cars nowadays are not only luxurious, they are powerful, fast and not only looking good but they will also make you feel good once you are inside. If you keep on reading you will find a list of the top 10 luxury vehicles and you can choose one for yourself that suits you best.

  1. Rolls-Royce Phantom:
    2011 Rolls Royce Phantom
    Rolls-Royce are legends in making vehicles. They have been making one of the best luxury cars in the world for a long time and there is hardly anyone who doesn’t know that name. The Rolls-Royce Phantom is a one-of-a-kind car. The car is made in England and it is not only luxurious but it also has 453 hp under the hood. The Rolls-Royce Phantom has a lot of things that add up to make it very luxurious like the 8 disc CD changer and the umbrella that comes out of the door in case you need it.

  2. Bentley Continental:
    2011 Bentley Continental GT
    This car is also considered to be a sports car but in fact it is one of the cars that require you to have a driver. It is very luxurious and once inside you will be able to feel the leather interior and comfortable seats. The car is not only a luxury vehicle but it is also a fast one with a maximum speed of 331 km/h.

  3. Cadillac Escalade:
    2011 Cadillac Escalade
    This SUV is another great vehicle that suits the rich men. The Escalade is a very big SUV and also very comfortable. This SUV provide a lot of space on the back and depending on which model exactly you want, you can get the Escalade with up to 8 seats. This is one of the biggest luxury SUVs on the market.

  4. Range Rover:
    2011 Range Rover
    This is another luxury SUV, not as big as the previous one but it is also as luxurious if not even more. The Range Rover means class and with the new models you will be represented exactly the way you need to be. Perfect for respected businessmen the Range Rover is gaining more and more popularity nowadays.

  5. Audi Q7:
    2011 Audi Q7
    Audi are making one of the most popular cars in the world and this model is not falling behind. The Audi Q7 gained a lot of popularity in a very short period of time since it is an amazing luxury SUV. This car is not only fast and great for driving on the highways but it is also perfect for going on business meetings.

  6. Mercedes-Benz S Class:
    2011 Mercedes Benz S-Class
    The S class of Mercedes is something truly amazing. This is a car that can’t be described by only using words. This is a car that you need to get in to really know what it is about. Very popular among businessmen and rich people the Mercedes-Benz is a must-have classic.

  7. Aston Martin DB9:
    2011 Aston Martin DB9
    This is definitely a sports car but it is also a luxury vehicle. This car is something different. It is a car that doesn’t require a driver and you can still look good and get respect if you drive it on your own. The Aston martin is a fast and great looking car but it is also a car for businessmen and serious people.

  8. Jaguar XKR:
    2011 Jaguar XKR 175
    Speaking of legends, we need to pay some attention to Jaguar. There is hardly anyone who hasn’t heard the name of the brand. If you are looking for the perfect luxury vehicle for you, this is a car you should definitely consider.

  9. Maserati GranTurismo:
    2011 Maserati GranTurismo MC Stradale
    Although Maserati is making sports cars their sports cars are also luxurious. Maserati is a car that doesn’t require a driver simply because there is no place for a driver because if you have one you are supposed to sit on the back seat. Since there is no back seat you should drive this car yourself but it is absolutely a pleasure to do so.

  10. Lamborghini Gallardo:
    2011 Lamborghini Gallardo LP560-4 Spyder
    One of the best models of Lamborghini, this car is as luxurious as it is fast. This is a car that will suit everyone’s desires and it is a dream for most of the people in the world.

These are the top 10 luxury vehicles in the world by our preference. Have you chosen yours?

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