The Best Batmobiles of All Time

The Best Batmobiles of All Time

Mention the word ‘Batmobile’ to any comic book or superhero fan and it’s likely that very different images will be conjured up in their minds. The iconic Batmobile has evolved beyond recognition over the years, but each version will hold a dear place in someone’s heart. Whichever vehicle you grew up knowing and loving, you’ll know doubt appreciate these stunning creations:


This original Batmobile was the one featured in the Batman TV series in 1960’s. Its chassis is based on Lincoln Futura and although it cost around $125,000 to design and build, it’s now worth a reported $2million.

Coolest Features

  • Bat ray,
  • Bat smoke screen
  • Bat phone

batman returns batmobile

When Tim Burton took on the Batman and Batman Returns projects, his creativity was embodied in this monster of a car. Based on a Chevy Impala chassis it includes fully functional gas turbine which powers the vehicle. If only all new cars looked like this

Coolest Features

  • Bat bombs
  • 2 Browning machine guns,
  • Bat Discs (Batarangs)

Batmobile Batman Forever

This beast comes from the Batman forever film and features a custom carbon fibre design.  The engine is a Chevrolet 350, which apparently could propel the car to over 300mph

Coolest Features –

  • Jet exhaust
  • Grappling hook,
  • Can drive up walls

The Tumbler Batmobile Batman Begins

This military vehicle called The Tumbler was adapted for Christian Bale to use in the Batman Begins and The Dark Knight films. In the film it is apparently designed an army bridging vehicle, but its 5 litre GM engine, armour plating and 44 inch tires make it the perfect Batmobile as well.

Coolest Features

  • Autocannons
  • Rocket launcher
  • Jet powered “rampless jumps”

BIO: Duncan is a big comic book fan and writer for a villas in Italy company in the UK.

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