<title> Mercedes-Benz A-Class E-Cell</title>

Mercedes-Benz A-Class E-Cell

When you hear the word “Mercedes”, a number of thoughts may come to mind.  Their cars embody style, sophistication, and wealth packaged in a sleek and modern shell with all the bells and whistles inherent to their class of automobile.  But when it comes to the world of electric locomotion, the Mercedes-Benz may not even be on your list of options.  Although the company has been pursuing fully electric vehicles with lithium-ion batteries for the past couple of years, the brand that is synonymous worldwide with class and luxury hardly seems likely to become the front runner in the eco-revolution that is occurring in the car industry.  And yet, they have recently announced that they will unveil the fully electronic A-Class at the 2010 Paris Auto Show early next month.

Mercedes Benz A Class E-Cell

The entry-level A-Class, which is already a fuel-efficient, 2-door hatchback, has apparently undergone a bit of a facelift this year, in more ways than one.  The model that was unveiled just a few months ago at the Leipzig Auto Show in April featured increased fuel economy with a start/stop function that kicked in during idle (as in stop-and-go traffic), as well as a revamped grill and front bumper and 15-inch-spoked or 16-inch lightweight alloy wheels, all intended to give the car a younger feel that would appeal, no doubt, to the college demographic that prefers small, sporty vehicles.   But apparently their work on the sub-compact section of their line wasn’t over yet.

Mercedes Benz A Class E-Cell

The new-and-improved A-Class E-Cell will offer a major overhaul of even this latest model.  The main appeal for buyers comes in the form of a fully electric engine, including a battery pack and controller technology, which parent company Daimler has teamed up with tech-savvy Tesla Motors to create.  And Tesla doesn’t disappoint when it comes to battery packs and electric powertrains, which they are committed to spreading to the entire automobile industry.  Mercedes made a smart move by combining forces with the leader in electronic vehicle manufacturing, and it shows in the estimated specs they have released prior to the unveiling.

Mercedes Benz A-Class, B-Class, Smart E-Cell

The lithium-ion battery packs will consist of 4,000 individual cells said to deliver over 200 foot-pounds of torque (not too shabby for such a small vehicle) and provide approximately 124 miles of service when fully charged (with a rating of 40 kilowatt hours).  There’s no word yet on the weight, speed, or price of the vehicle, but these and other stats will likely be revealed in Paris.  Tesla’s contribution to the new and improved A-Class is being shipped to the Mercedes-Benz Rastatt plant in Germany for inclusion in the new vehicles, and production is already underway on the 500 cars set to be released to test markets early next year.  While this particular model has never been sold in the United States, rumors have begun to circulate that Mercedes will be testing the waters stateside to see if there is a market for their entry-level vehicle in America.  And while they have a number of other electric cars already in production, the A-Class seems like a natural fit for clean, green transportation.

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