Max Mosley Calls For Ferrari To Be Punished

Max Mosley Calls For Ferrari To Be Punished

Max Mosley, former president of the FIA, has told a German newspaper that he believes Ferrari should be properly punished for their actions during the German Grand Prix. Mosley, who certainly isn’t particularly well known for keeping his opinions to himself during controversial periods in motor racing, stated that he firmly believed the ban on team orders in Formula 1 should remain, and that Ferrari should be ‘heavily punished’ for their actions.

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Mosley has suggested the Italian race team should be docked points for their decision to use team orders in Germany after Felipe Massa appeared to slow down and let Fernando Alonso past after a particularly badly coded message from team bosses over the Ferrari radio. Alonso subsequently won the race, with Massa finishing second. The stewards at the race have already fined Ferrari $100,000 for the use of team-orders, although Mosley is calling for a much harsher penalty, telling a German paper:

Max Mosley

“Both cars and drivers should lose the points they achieved in the German Grand Prix … there should have been some sporting sanction, not just a fine”

Mosley isn’t the only one to be upset by the situation either, with Christian Horner, boss of Red Bull Racing (who are no strangers to controversy themselves) speaking of his disappointment at Ferrari’s ‘manipulation’ of the race:

“It’s a great shame for Formula 1 that the race was manipulated to give one driver victory over another”

German F1 Grand Prix 2010

Ferrarri President Luca di Montezemolo who saw the race won by his top driver Fernando Alonso, and stated that he saw no problem with the way Ferrarri acted, going on to suggest that he backed the team orders.

“Our drivers are well aware that if one races for Ferrarri, then the interests of the team come before the interests of the individual … These things have happened since the days of the Nuvolari and I experienced it myself when I was a sporting director, in the days of Niki Lauda and not just then.”

Fernando Alonso Won The German Grand Prix 2010

It will be interesting to see how the situation plays out, as Ferrarri is likely to be called in front of a hearing at the FIA World Motor Sport Council investigation into the imposition of illegal team orders.

Guest post by Allan, who works for a car leasing and van contract hire company. He spends his days driving a Ford Transit van, although he’d gladly swap it for a Ferrarri F1 car!

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