<title> Driven To Distraction</title>

Driven To Distraction

When I first took home my trusty Ford Fiesta, I was overwhelmed by the amount of technology at my fingertips – sat nav, reversing sensors, MP3/iPod connectivity, onboard trip computer – the list was endless. To be honest, it all seemed a bit excessive at the start… little did I know it would actually turn me into the world’s worst driver.

2011 Ford Fiesta

2011 Ford Fiesta

2011 Ford Fiesta


2011 Ford Fiesta Interior

It all started when my beloved Ford Fiesta had to go the dealership for a service and MOT and I was forced to drive a courtesy car for two days. The hire car was lovely but not quite up to the usual spec I’ve grown accustomed to. Never mind, its only 2 day right? WRONG. From the minute I pulled out of the forecourt, I suddenly turned into Maureen Rees from Driving School… all because I was without my technology.

satellite navigation, sat nav

It began with the ringing of my mobile phone… oh, err, no Bluetooth Car Kit. I finally pull over to answer the call and I’m asked by my boss to nip round to a client’s office to pick up some papers. What’s the postcode? Oh err, no sat nav… time to buy a map. When I did eventually find my way to the client’s offices (after several wrong turns), parallel parking without the assistance of my beloved parking sensors was a nightmare. I’ve come to rely on the sensors so much that I’ve actually forgotten how to park on my own – how bad is that? I feel ashamed. And I’m not even in the office yet!

Mobile Phone in the Car

For two days I became Britain’s worse driver, making several wrong turns, pulling over constantly to answer my phone, wasting petrol and driving like a crazed lunatic – all because I didn’t have my trusty technology guiding me along the way. When I finally got back my Ford Fiesta, I actually kissed it I’d missed it that much.

So, what’s the moral of this story? Either 1) NEVER accept a car without parking sensors, sat nav or onboard trip computer. 2) Invest in a portable sat nav with Bluetooth and voice commands – it’s a life saver. 3) Learn to live without your technology – it is possible apparently? Or 4) Realise you need to get a life and get back to driving school… oh the shame!

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