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Affordable Classic Cars!

Have you ever found yourself lusting after your dream classic car? That beautiful Jaguar E-Type? A Mercedes 300SL or a Porsche 356 perhaps? The chances are that owning and running one of these beauties will be pretty far out of your price bracket, but fear not, a solution exists for just £3,000.

Porsche 356

Mercedes Benz 300 SL

Jaguar E-type

These fantastic looking roadsters come from the Harrington Group and are accurate half scale models of some of the finest cars ever built. They feature composite bodywork, disc brakes, reverse gears, electric start, working lights and horns, and are powered by 110cc two stroke quad bike engines with a top speed of 43mph. They also produce electric versions, but these top out at a paltry 14mph. The best feature though, as you can see from the pictures is that they are large enough to fit adults as well as children!

Mercedes Benz 300 SL

Jaguar E-type

Amongst the other models they produce there is a Bugatti T35, a Willis Jeep (or Willys jeep as they like to call it) and micro Vespa’s. They are also looking to revivie the Isetta Bubble Car soon, now rebranded as the ‘Harrington BB’, with a completely rebuilt electric version lovingly crafted to look exactly like the original.

Willys Jeep

Bugatti T35

Unfortuantely, there are two slight problems with this wonderful little company:
1. They’re currently overwhelmed with orders, and the waiting list now stands at 3 months.
2. They are based in Vietnam (however you can have your mark of choice imported from as little as £200).
But if you’re willing to wait a few months, and stick and extra few hundred pounds on, one of them could be yours!

Guest post written by Rob, who works for a company specialising in IT Strategy and Data Management and is seriously considering putting his name down on the waiting list.

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