Top Car brands to own

Top Car brands to own

This list has been compiled by our experienced journalist team and a voted by more than 10, 000 women across the world as their favorite:

10.) Infinity, the premium brand owned by Nissan, Japanese and American babes are crazy about it, use it as a tool for improving your chances in finding casual sex.

09.) Mercedes, the women love the silver star, great casual sex place,

08.) BMW, the sportiest among the German trio, invite your casual sex partner inside,

07.) Volkswagen, with a sexy models like Touareg , Phaeton and Passat C,

06.) Audi, shows a great deal of talent lately, beating the competitors in sales and popularity,

05.) Swedish Volvo, monument of security and a place for good casual sex,

04.) Chevrolet Corvette, sleek, sexy and fast, real American muscle car,

03.) Lamborghini, bullet in motion, excites the women even before entering the car. Expect a great deal of free casual sex. Recommended if you can afford it.

02.) Rolls-Royce, gratify yourself and enjoy unlimited sex sessions with your casual sex mate.

01.) Ferrari with no doubt comes to the top of the list as a most desirable car for men and women. Ticket for entering the world of casual sex without the need of casual sex sites. Much more money, but the fun is guaranteed.

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