The Best Place in the Car for the Glasses

The Best Place in the Car for the Glasses

There aren’t many places inside the car where you can put your glasses after driving.

The most common place for glasses storage in the car is the dashboard. It is a safe place and if you don’t huge the dashboard for many things, it can have more then just one pair. Safe keeping is the only thin positive about the dashboard for the glasses. The problem here is that it is quite unreachable for the driver since it is in the front of the co-drivers seat. Many drivers make the mistake and try to reach for their glasses during driving. That makes the reach less possible since the driver is driving and reaching for the glasses at the same time. Most of these attempts are successful, but form time to time it is the cause of a small collision or traffic endangerment. Prescription glasses or reglaze glasses are the common type to be kept in the dashboard. And drivers often forgot to put them before they start driving, so the previous mentioned reaching maneuver occurs.

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Another place of the glasses to be kept in the car is at the rearview mirror in the car. This is the most common place for a type of Designer Glasses since drivers often like to show off about the interior of the car; Expensive car with an expensive interior and designer glasses to enlighten the style. For all the drivers using this kind of storage, don’t get distracted from the car’s interior and forget to put the glasses on.

Some cars have minor space just at the bottom of the gear handle. It is the most unsuitable place for the glasses to be kept, but for some drivers that doesn’t matter. Evidently, their carelessness will make them drive to the optic shop buying another pair since gear changing will surely break the glasses. There are pairs, like Cheap Glasses UK, that can take care of that habit.

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Before the best place for keeping glasses in the car is stated, bear in mind that all the car designers make the driver’s environment in the car in a way that he will not be distracted lightly and that his hand remains on the driving wheel as much as possible.

The best place for glasses storage is not in the car, but on the driver it self. The solution is simple, by a regular glasses lace so that you won’t have to put the glasses in the dashboard the rearview mirror. Just take down the glasses if you don’t need them and they will be around your neck all the time. This way, distraction from the road by putting glasses on and off is put to the minimum.

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