Superhero Vans

Superhero Vans

We would all love to own a crime fighting vehicle, who hasn’t ever ironically proclaimed ‘to the Batmobile!’ before jumping into a clapped out Vauxhall Nova? I’m sure many of us have also wished we could release an oil slick from the bumper of our car, James Bond style, after being tailgated for hours on the motorway by a pesky villain. The simple fact is that superheroes have cool cars with some amazing super powers, in fact the only thing cooler than a superhero car is a superhero van! Let’s take a look at some of the meanest modes of transport used over the years by our favourite crime-fighting film and TV stars:


01. The A Team
black GMC Vandura A-Team

The Iconic black GMC Vandura was built for both practicality and style with its bumper-guard, spot lights above the windscreen and cool red racing stripe leading up to  a roof mounted spoiler. This durable cross-terrain vehicle allowed B.A Baracus, Murdock and co. to fight crime back in the 80’s and is now making a comeback in the feature length A-Team Remake!

02. Teenage Mutant Hero Turtles
Teenage Mutant Hero Turtles Van

These Heroes in a half-shell could really show off their turtle power with the aid of their trusty transporter! This mirrored the look of the turtles with it’s textured shell cladding and had plenty of firepower mounted at the front used for seeking out and destroying baddies. Most impressively of all it was emblazoned with monikers insulting their foes such as ‘foot stinks!’ aimed at the evil foot soldiers.

03. Scooby-Do van
Scooby-Do van

Looking more like a van you might drive to Glastonbury in with a bunch of old hippies than a serious crime-fighting tool, the ‘Mystery Machine’ as it was called, ferried Scooby, Shaggy, Daphnie and Velma to all of their predictably anti-climactic adventures in haunted castles!

04. Power Rangers
power rangers car

Neither a van nor a car but wirth a mention for its utter awesome-ness, the Rangers used robotic dinosaurs as their trusty steeds! Each ranger had a different type of dinosaur which would all merge together into the Mighty Megazord when they needed to take down a particularly tricky foe!

05. The Ford Transit Van
Ford Transit Van

A true super heroes van! Serving all manner of tradesman in Britain for over forty years, from ‘brickies’ to plumbers, carpenters to decorators, the Transit truly is the backbone of Britain and helps to keep the country running smoothly, even if you do occasionally find them up your backside on the motorway!


Joe is a motoring enthusiastic and an avid blogger, he also recommends taking out short term van insurance if you plan on driving any of these bad boys!

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