Love Driving? Three Great Driving Jobs

Love Driving? Three Great Driving Jobs

There’s nothing quite like hitting the open road and driving from one adventure to another but where are the top places to go on a driving holiday? More importantly which destinations are the most fun when it comes to a classic driving experience with lots of sights to see? Whether you have your own car, lease hire or are just renting driving holidays can be a lot of fun.

They say you should take what you love and learn how to make a living at it. That’s not always a realistic option for some people’s hobbies; however, if you love driving, it can definitely be made to pay off. There are, in fact, some fantastic options in which drivers can earn some money and we’ve gathered a list of a few of the best driving jobs available today. Take a look at our list and see if there isn’t something that speaks out to you.


Truck Drivers – although it’s not exactly a glamorous job, driving truck can be rather lucrative. There are some truck drivers that make as much as $110,000. While this is not what every truck driver will make, it’s nice to know that doing what you love can bring you that kind of a salary.

truck driving pulling huge truck

truck driving female truck driver

truck driving white side view autobahn

There are many companies these days that are hiring truck drivers. It does not take an extended amount of education in order to qualify, either. Simply contact the many companies who are hiring truck drivers and you might just be amazed at how much you can earn while doing something that you love.

Desert Drivers – if you have a craving for a little adventure, desert driving might just be the ticket. Maneuvering the red sand dunes of the Dubai desert on a safari tour is a far cry from a 9 to 5 desk job. There will literally never be a repetitive day in your jeep which will serve as your office. Give the tourists a thrill while you do what you love by giving them a ride in the desert they’ll never forget. Desert driving is the type of job that you’ll be excited to get up and get to every day.

desert driving fun crew jeep

desert driving off road gmc

desert driving Desert Safari bus


Limo Drivers – Some of the world’s richest and most famous people hire limousine drivers to take them from place to place. It can offer opportunities to meet some of the most influential people and see some of the most beautiful places across the globe. The opportunities for networking are endless and the view from a limo isn’t too bad, either. Indeed, if you love to drive, there are several ways to turn your passion into a fantastic way to earn a living.

Limousine Limo Naked Female Driver Rolls Royce Phantom

Limousine Limo Naked Female Driver Rolls Royce Phantom

Limousine Limo at airport

Limousine Limo driver opening rear door


Limousine Limo Huge BMW

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  1. Matt Narciso from Trucking Jobs says:

    A thirty year veteran of the trucking industry and having accumulated nearly three million safe miles, he is an expert in the field of transportation. Allen has also owned and operated several successful businesses related to the trucking industry. He was introduced to the trucking industry at the young age of 10 years, and grew up in the household goods moving business, eventually transferring over to the freight industry. While in college where he pursued a degree in Business, he continued working in trucking as a manager/supervisor overseeing all aspects of the business.

  2. truck driving jobs says:

    limo driving sounds interesting, imagine driving for a famous person is like once in a lifetime chance, but does it pay good as well?
    but truck driving sounds challenging for me, imagine driving that huge truck and its also exciting and interesting at some point…giving you chance to see and visit the other parts of the country, that’s great!

  3. Tell me more about that female truck driver in the picture, she’s hot! 🙂