How to Take the Perfect Picture of Your Car

How to Take the Perfect Picture of Your Car

There are some great digital cameras on the market today but when it comes to taking the perfect automotive picture many people struggle. There are some important points you will want to bear in mind when it comes to taking a photo of your automobile or any other vehicle for that matter.

cars driving in fire jump

First off it needs to be noted that if you plan on taking some action shots i.e. when the car is in motion then a digital SLR camera is the best. The simple reason is that the shutter speed is just not going to be fast enough on other cameras and will leave you with a burry image.

cars preparing to race

If you want to take a picture from low down, such as along the tarmac looking up at your magnificent beast then a wide angle lens will be best. This will allow you to get the whole car in the shot without compromising the effect you are going for.

shooting a car from low angle

One key factor that most people miss when doing automotive photography is the use of a polariser. By putting a polariser in front of your lens you will be able to limit reflections off the shiny metal work of your car and also see the interior of the car through the windows, which looks so much better.

aston martin parked on street

If you do find that images are a little blurry then a tripod is a good way to make sure you get a steady shot of your vehicle in action. For under the hood photography get your hands on a reflector to shine light into the shadows and highlight your engine. Be carful when doing this that you don’t bounce light of the metal work and create glare in the image.

Using these techniques you will be able to get some crisp and clear shots of your vehicle. Just don’t forget to give it a good clean before hand to make those images really stand out.

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  1. We sell a ton of new and used cars online. I think good advice would be to take the pictures indoors if at all possible. When you shoot indoors, you control the background and lighting. And if you are taking pictures from several angles, you get a nice uniform look. My two cents, anyway.