Why car tires are very important ?

Why car tires are very important ?

Many people today seem not to give tires the attention they deserve when considering the status of their car and its performance. While it’s very important what engine your car has,  its gearbox , its weight and other characteristics, tires are not something that should be taken lightly. You’re probably wondering why. It’s because tires are the car’s only contact to the surface of the road , and they are the part of the car that actually transfer the motion and make traveling possible.

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Tires have to be suited to the season during which you’re driving. There is a pretty simple explanation for this – in order for the tires to be in top shape and to behave the way you want them to and optimize your car’s performance they have to be specifically engineered for the weather conditions of that season. For example summer tires need to be sticky , but to maintain a certain softness in warmer temperatures , and not to leave skid marks on the road. This is achieved by mixing a special compound to make the tires from. Or another example – winter tires have to be made in such a way , that even in the freezing temperatures they will not become harder and lower their beneficial characteristics.

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Besides the compound of a tire, its tread is very important. For those of you who might not know, the tread of the tire is the surface with which the tire contacts the road. It’s not flat in most cases ,but it has a certain pattern and groove which is different for the different types of tires. For example winter tires have deeper and wider sipes to facilitate draining of snow, water and slush during the harsh winter months.

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Now that we’ve mentioned the two most important specific characteristics of tires and also the two most common types of tires, it’s time to discuss the infamous all season tires. Many drivers wonder if they should even switch tires, since their car has come with all-season tires and the manufacturers claim they’re good for every season and condition. That is sadly not the case. Although they can behave moderately in most cases, they are simply a compromise between the other sorts of tires and can give you a poor performance in winter conditions. So in order to keep yourself comfortable and safe its best to switch to winter tires, since they’re neither so expensive, nor so hard to find and install.

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  1. One of the most valueable things my Dad taught me was that tires are the simplest fix to all kinds of handling problems with a car, and without good tires, none of the other fixes you can do would ever make a care handle well.

  2. Let me add that fuel economy also matters when you choose a new set of tires. I’ve chosen “Energy Saver” tires for my rear wheels 6 months ago, and I’ve been able to drive a bit more on one tank. The difference is small, but it’s still worth it at today’s gas prices.