Where To Go On A Driving Holiday

Where To Go On A Driving Holiday

There’s nothing quite like hitting the open road and driving from one adventure to another but where are the top places to go on a driving holiday? More importantly which destinations are the most fun when it comes to a classic driving experience with lots of sights to see? Whether you have your own car, lease hire or are just renting driving holidays can be a lot of fun.


Winding Road

When we picture the freedom of a road trip it is often with a long winding stretch of tarmac twisting between some picturesque scenery in mind. Now that we have that mental picture let’s explore some of the worthwhile destinations for an old fashioned road trip.

Grand Canyon

Arizona and the Grand Canyon present some of the most amazing desert scenery around. Here it really is just you and the road, as you cruise around in the baking sun from gorge to gorge. You can make it to the Grand Canyon and back in a day from Las Vegas, which is a nice contrast to the empty deserts around Arizona and Nevada.

Great Ocean Road

Down in Australia the Great Ocean Road runs from just south of Melbourne along the south coast. The road glides alongside the swirling waves as it meanders atop the beautiful white cliffs that support this most impressive of roads. There are some nice little towns and villages you will run into along the way to pick up a bite to eat, as well as a few sights along the way. Most notably the 12 apostles is a collection of rock stacks which form a beautiful sight as the sun is setting.

Brighton Beach

When it comes to the UK there isn’t the same diversity of driving locations to be found as there is in other parts of the world. However if you’re more interested in the destinations than the journey then a trip from London to Brighton is a great way to spend an afternoon. After a morning at some of London’s most impressive shops and cafe’s you can hope in your car and start heading south. Once you have made it out of the busy roads of inner London the route opens up into wonderful countryside and you can cruise on down to Brighton. Brighton is a lovely seaside resort with some very unique set of bars, cafe’s and shops for you to enjoy.

As you can see there is something for everyone when it come to a driving holiday from the hot and dusty desert to winding coastal roads as well as a trip through the countryside. There are of course many other great driving routes and destinations to visit but these should give you a good starting point.

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