Toyota Prius headlight problems

Toyota Prius headlight problems

It seems Toyota is not that HQ as we thing. A big number of proud owners of Toyota Prius hybrids are reporting headlight problems. It seems that 2006, 2007 and 2008 model of Toyota Prius have a big problems with a HID headlights.

The problem with some of this headlights is that they shut off without any reason. Sometimes they are serving well and sometimes just in the middle of the trip they go off. The dealerships cannot solve the problem and Toyota has no idea how to resolve this problem.

Probably it is just a mistake during the construction and manufacturing of the car, but there is no hard evidence for this. It sounds like a loose connection or badly manufactured bulb.

toyota prius headlight problems

toyota prius headlight problems

If you are owner of Toyota Prius and have this problem you may be advised by your dealership to replace HID computer which can cost you up to $1.100. If this cannot solve the problem the next advice is to change the bulb which can be another $400. Of course if this not going to work the next step is to change the whole headlight assembly which can be another 1.100 US dollars.

toyota prius headlight problems

toyota prius headlight problems

I think that $2.600 is too much so if you have this problem the best is to file a complaint with NHTSA and have your car recall or at least make Toyota to pay for your problems with a headlights.

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  1. marlene orben says:

    I will never buy another Toyota , I have been haveing trouble with my headlights for so long now and it has cost me plenty of money I think they need to fix the problem or maybe let their parents drive these cars at night time with the head lights going on and off and you never know if they are going to work its scary. We need to make Toyota pay for this mess before some one dies from it.
    Marlene Orben

  2. chretienschouten says:

    toyota needs to watch his image

  3. marlene orben says:

    I truley hope that this problem gets fixed and soon as I drive my grandkids in the car bu I will not do it at night time for fear that the head lights will fail and we will all get killed in a crash. I want to see Toyota put their family in this car at night time with faulty headlights. This is very serious and needs to be taken care of.
    Marlene Orben and I don’t care who see’s my name .

  4. I like the model of Toyota Prius. Yes little mistake during the construction and manufacturing of the car but overall designing of Toyota Prius is awesome.