Staying updated with the Tour De France

Staying updated with the Tour De France

Of course the main reason why any sports enthusiast would want to subscribe to the Tour De France Guide for this year’s race is because they would like to keep a track of all the events and the expert comments and opinions on the race, but let’s also not forget that this year the Tour De France is actually taking a very dramatic turn because of all the gossip worthy situations. This might be another reason why bicycling enthusiasts and anybody who wants to follow the race closely will want to have constant access to the Tour De France Guide.

The high drama for this year’s race includes the fact that ace bicyclist Lance Armstrong is definitely going to fight back as hard as he can to make sure that his team wins back the glory that they once commanded. Not only that but there is also a constant rivalry that has gone pretty sour where his strong opponent Alberto Contador is concerned, not to mention that they both used to be team mates not so long ago. This rivalry also commands some drama that all fans of course do not want to miss out on.

Not only is all that going to be interesting, but the race itself has been embellished this year with new stages to add to the route and there are all kinds of different contenders this year who people are rooting for, let’s call them the dark horses. If this is not enough drama and high intensity packed sport for you then you might not have heard about the dope allegations that have been made. Of course this has got you interested enough to get yourself the Tour De France guide, because this special edition from the Bicycling Magazine is about all that and more.

Of course gossip and drama is not the only things that you can keep a track of with this magazine, you will also have open access to the most important opinions and comments on experts and editors of the magazine. This is the best way to stay updated about the race constantly.

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