<title> Pranks to pull on a car</title>

Pranks to pull on a car

People like to do pranks in order to make their life more joyful and interesting, as long as the pranks are harmless and you have no intention of hurting someone. Pranks can be done everywhere and the only thing you need is just a little bit more imagination and courage to do them. Nowadays, everyone is in a hurry to get somewhere, so the best place to pull a prank on is on someone’s car. Here are several examples of pranks that can be pulled on a car:

girl sitting on car

1. You can leave a note on your “victim’s” car saying that you are sorry that you bumped into him and leave a phone number that is not yours. In that way he’ll start searching the outside of the car for any scratches or if anything is broken. Then, he’ll try to reach you on the number and by that he’ll bother another random person about a car accident that he didn’t take a part in.

2. When in the “victim’s” car, change his favorite radio stations with some other that play music that he doesn’t like at all, and don’t forget to set the radio player to memorize them. You can also put the volume up to the loudest, so that would add up to his disturbance.

3. If you have friends or relatives with the same type of car, change their car keys. In this way they won’t recognize that it’s not their key and let them wonder why they can’t open the door of the car.

girl sitting on car

4. You can super glue another key to your “victim’s” car key. Super glue is very hard to take off, so in this way again he won’t be able to open the car door and start the engine, as long as he has the other key stuck to it.

5. You can put small pieces of paper or confetti in the ventilation system of the car, so when he turns the ventilation on they’ll blow out right in him.

6. Put a balloon over the exhaust pipe of your “victim’s” car, but be careful so he doesn’t notice it. While he is driving, the exhaust will fill the balloon till it pops out in the end, making him to think that he has a flat tire.

7. Put a small piece of branch, a tip of a pen or any kind of other object into the tire valve so it will pump air out. In this way, after a certain period the tire will run flat.

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