Man Pushes Car 26.2 Miles

Man Pushes Car 26.2 Miles

Man Pushes Smart Car 26.2 Miles

A man from Surrey, England will be hoping to set a new world record by pushing a car over the distance of a marathon (26.2 miles or 42.16 kilometers). I wonder if he will be use some car lease deals for this. Adrian Kane is a tax adviser and has selected a smart car as his car of choice for this world record attempt. Whilst some people may think this is crazy it is all in aid of the World Cancer Research Fund and the Stroke Association.

Adrian aims to raise £50,000 ($75,000) by completing the marathon distance within 24 hours on Saturday 31st July. The previous record for the distance a car has been pushed in a single day stands at 17.06 miles.

The 35 year olds reason for taking on this challenged is the loss of his mother Eileen, who passed away in January of this year. Eileen was diagnosed with bowel cancer in May of 2008 but unfortunately suffered a stroke not long after the cancerous tissue was removed. This stopped her from completing the full course of chemotherapy that was required and she sadly died in January at the age of 66.

Other car related world records include the heaviest car balanced on a person’s head. This was achieved by John Evans from the UK who balanced a mini on his head weighing in at 352 pounds (159.6 kilograms) for a total of 33 seconds. John achieved the feat in May of 1999 and is well known for his strong neck, which is a massive 24 inches (60.9 centimetres).

John Evans Balancing a Car on His Head

Other amazing world records include the fastest speed for a car driven wearing a blindfold, which was set by Metin Şentürk from Turkey. A popular folk singer in Turkey Metin managed to get the BMW M5 Saloon to a speed of 167.32 miles per hour (269.28 kilometers an hour) to set the new world record in North Yorkshire, UK.

Fastest Car Driven Blindfolded

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  1. Not just pushing a car the marathon distance, but doing so in under 24 hours. Now that’s impressive. Alot of people have trouble just running the full course in under 24 hours., let alone doing while pushing a car!