Hot Driver Apparel and Accessories To go With Your Flashy Ride

Hot Driver Apparel and Accessories To go With Your Flashy Ride

No matter what car you’re driving around – whether you own a truck, luxury car or motorcycle – you want to be comfortable and look good while doing it. If you look hot and in style, it will make your driving experience all the more fun and enjoyable.

Every type of transportation calls for some accessory to go with it. When you’re shopping for driving apparel and accessories, look for high quality gear that will last a long time.

Here are some tips to keep you looking as flashy as your car:

Hot Driver Apparel and Accessories

Leather jacket

If you drive a motorcycle or a convertible, you can never be sure when you’re going to need rain gear, insulated gear or a jacket with open vents that allow cool air to flow in and hot air to escape. Some jackets even offer a heated collar. Look for adjustable wrist enclosures and waterproof material to keep out the elements.

If looking cool is your top priority, you may want to try a Harley Davidson leather jacket as you cruise around town or on the highway.  You may even want to add some leather chaps to go with it.

Driving gloves

If you own a sports coop, you’ll need a good pair of driving gloves. Gloves come in all kinds of different styles, so shop around to find the perfect pair for your personality.  Look for waterproof gloves with a breathable liner.


Choosing the right sunglasses is important since blinding glare caused by low sun or bright light reflecting off snow, puddles, or the car in front of you can cause accidents, especially when driving at speed. Look for good quality polarized sunglasses and good coverage to block glare. You will probably want to buy an extra pair to keep in the glove compartment so you’ll always be prepared.


An ivy cap or flat cap is a rounded men’s cap with a small stiff brim in front and is still used for driving caps today. Cloth used range from tweed and leather to cotton driving caps for summer wear sometimes featuring air vents. Look for caps that won’t blow off your head when you lower the top of your convertible.

Shoes or boots

Stands to reason you should be outfitted with the best racing shoe. Look for shoes with a great fit and feel.  If you’re the type to drive a big truck, you’ll need a good pair of boots that will endure mud and scrapping . Boots may be expensive, but a good pair will last you a long time. Most truck drivers spend lots of time in their vehicle, so you’ll want something comfortable as well as sturdy.

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  1. I’m really happy with this jacket. It’s super rugged and comfortable and it has tons of pockets. I’m pleased. Thank you 🙂