<title> Buy used cars under 500</title>

Buy used cars under 500

In every man’s life comes a period when you realize that getting a car is much more efficient than wasting money on taxi. Yes, you can sometimes ask your friends to give you a lift, but your friends are not always at your service, even though you can sometimes depend on them for doing you a favor. The big question is whether you should buy a new car or a used one. First of all you have to see what amount of money is at your own “disposal”. If you are a student that has been saving money for a long time and your school is far away from your home, or if you just got your first job and a car is what you need in order to get to your work place, then a used car is more than considerably what you should get. There are several ways of how to get a used car: one is on an auction on cars that have been taken into impounding and the other way is form a used car sales saloon. No matter which way you choose, you should always look for the best prize for the best used car. Depending on the amount of money, there are several used cars that are cheaper than 500 dollars, that you should consider buying, for example:

Peugeot 106 – It’s a perfect car for a young person. It looks very sharp, affordable and dependable, and at the same tame there are a lot of spare parts that you can find for it.

Peugeot 106

Volkswagen Golf III – It’s a car that is very well known for its durability and quality. It has a heavy body which gives an extra safety point and is the first choice for students and families that have a small budget.

Volkswagen Golf III

Nissan Primera – It’s an economical and comfortable car that goes with a lot of electronic equipment and at the same time gives you a smooth ride even on the bumpiest road.

Nissan Primera

Citroen Saxo – Again a car that a lot of youngsters take first into consideration, because of its look that shouts “I’m young and I like to party”. It has a cost-effective engine that, with a reasonable amount of gasoline, can take you everywhere you want.

Citroen Saxo

Peugeot 306 – One of the first modern diesel cars that is liked by many people that have a limited budget. It has a great construction, outstanding handling and very practical interior.

peugeot 306

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  1. Lyuben Georgiev says:

    I have Peugeout 106, but it is a bit older its model 1995. I really like it and I have to recommend it to anyone, who still had not made the choice.