<title> Accessorize Your Ride</title>

Accessorize Your Ride

Having a nice car is one thing, whether it’s a vintage Caddy or a brand new Benz.  But if you haven’t pimped your ride, it’s really nothing special (no, beaded seat covers and a skull shifter do not count).  And with so many cars playing on mainstream look-alike appeal, you could end up in the nightmare scenario where you wander around a parking garage for hours, clicking your key fob up and down the aisles because you can’t pick your car out of the lineup.  While you are willing to go the extra mile in the areas of home decoration and personal accessorization, you really don’t seem to allocate the same amount of time or money for your automobile.  However, since you have been spending a significant portion of your life trapped in the morning (and evening…and lunchtime) commute lately, you’ve begun to think about ways you could make your ride a little sweeter, so here are a few ideas to get you started.

  1. Head’s up display (or HUD).  This is something that is most commonly used in aircraft, but some companies have recently been experimenting with the technology for high-end automobiles.  If you’re worried about a gridlock fender-bender every time you check the dash, ditch the fuzzy dice and opt for this space-age alternative for your windshield (it pops up like a hologram to show you the speedometer, odometer, etc.).  It’s both cool and safe since you can check your relevant gauges without ever taking your eyes off the road.

  2. pimped car

    pimped car

  3. Sound system.  Every slick ride needs to pump up the jam, so invest in a detachable mp3 set-up (to help avoid theft) and kick out the tunes in style with the works.  Install woofers, tweeters, and everything in-between to drown out the noise of traffic and reduce your road rage with the soothing sounds of Jack Johnson.
  4. Rims.  Skip the spinners (which will brand you as either a gangsta’ rapper or a trophy-wife/soccer-mom) and opt instead for some tight rims.  Chrome it up for a classic look or go for a splash of color if you want to turn some heads.
  5. Paint.  Ghost flames will give you the retro, hot-rod feel, but some two-tone paint and a little custom pin-striping could make your ride look straight-up Foose.  So forget the vintage British racing green (which is definitely outdated) and opt for something personalized to really make your ride stand out from the crowd.
  6. Flatscreens.  Tech up your interior with a few flatscreens (DVD feeds on the headrests and an in-dash nav) to bring your ride into the 21st century.  If you have kids (or a carpool), they surely won’t complain about the additional entertainment (especially on days when it feels like you’re stuck in traffic forever) and the GPS will help you get where you’re going without ever having to stop for directions (guys, this one’s for you).

Hamann Ferrari 599 GTB pimped car

Hamann Ferrari 599 GTB pimped car

Bonus:  If you want to look a little slicker yourself, don’t forget to throw on a pair of racy Aviators (“License and registration, please”) or some hip wayfarers, ala Blues Brothers.  Or if you want to go super-cool, get some custom shades to match the paint job on your ride.  Anyone who notices is bound to be impressed by your dedication to your automobile.

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