6 New And Semi-New Cars Ideal For Gas-Saving Road Trips

6 New And Semi-New Cars Ideal For Gas-Saving Road Trips

Picking one car that has everything you desire and need for your family road trips usually boil down to what you can afford. Because you’re traveling with precious cargo – your family – safety and security are often at the top of the checklist for cars.

Then comes comfort. The American pastime is driving across the country and many days on the road are going to add up to frazzled nerves and short tempers if everyone is uncomfortable.

One thing that is creeping up on the list is gas mileage and environmental considerations, especially as gas prices continue to gouge our budgets.

So, if you’re preparing for one of those road trips, or gearing to make them a tradition while the kids are still under your roof, which car is going to give you the most for your money – and keep saving you money? If you’ve traveled 1500 miles and are looking for things to do in, say, Boston, the last thing you want to be worried about is constantly filling up your safe and comfortable, but gas-guzzling vehicle.

Here are six cars that may fit your checklists beautifully

The New 2011 Ford Fiesta is not your old boxy memory of the old Fiestas. With plenty of room, high safety standards, loaded with extras, and boasting 30 mpg in the city and 40 on the highway, you’re talking about a lot of gallons saved and an ideal fit for small families.

The Mercury Milan Hybrid is a bit more luxurious and a bit pricier initially, but one reviewer got 37.1 mpg during a weeklong test drive and used less than a quarter tank of gas. That adds up to some serious savings.

toyota dyna two story truck

toyota dyna two story truck

Parenthood.com also recommends the Volkswagen Passat  with 20 mpg city and 29 hwy and Toyota’s Avalon(21/29), Camry (23/32) and Sienna (21/29). Not as great as the fiesta or Milan in terms of mileage, but combined with the other factors are pretty good deals.

As you’re shopping for cars, you will of course be mindful of your budget, want a vehicle that fits your family, and has all the safety features you need. But, if you’re looking specifically for road trips cars, you’ll want one that can render some relief to your gas budget as well.

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