Top Car Insurance Apps For iPhone & Android

Top Car Insurance Apps For iPhone & Android

Getting car insurance in the first place can be a fairly longwinded and complicated process, and not a particularly fun one; actually claiming after an accident can be a far more stressful experience, particularly if you don’t have the know-how to make sure your claim doesn’t get turned down.
However, if you’ve got an iPhone or a phone with the new Android OS, you have access to several excellent applications to help you with those difficult insurance claims.

I know insurance applications don’t sound like the most exciting use of your smart phone, but if you own a car and have an accident, they could prove extremely useful. Although each application differs slightly from the last, the general uses of an insurance application are to access your policy information, let you file a claim, locate an insurance agent, contact customer service and to take and upload photos of the damage caused at the scene, all from your mobile phone.

car crash

Being able to react this quickly, and in particular being able to upload photos of the damage straight after the accident has happened (as well as the accident scene) can help dramatically when it comes to your provider paying out on your claim.

So let’s have a look at the top insurance applications on the market:

  1. iWrecked [iPhone]

iWrecked iPhone

This application isn’t provider specific, and is designed to help you record the details of an accident accurately, regardless of who you’ve taken out your insurance with.

iWrecked allows you to log and backdate accidents, so you can easily view your accident history (which hopefully won’t be too long!). You can also take photos and put together an accident report (images, details, dates, locations, etc) and send it to your insurance provider in PDF format. You can also contact emergency services and keep an information log on your vehicle(s).

The application will also allow you to search locally for a taxi company should you need to get somewhere, or a towing company if you need to move your car off the road quickly after an incident.

The iWrecked application is free, making it a great option for anyone who wants a little more piece of mind should they have to make a claim on their insurance.

  1. Nationwide Insurance [iPhone]

Nationwide Insurance iPhone

This is a branded application from Nationwide, designed to help their customers after an accident. Similar to a few of the other applications, the iPhone app allows Nationwide customers to find local services, photograph and document the accident and submit claims to their provider, all through the phone handset.

There are a few excellent little additions to the Nationwide application however; the ability to instigate the claims process then and there is a nice touch, as is being able to enter and store the other party’s insurance information. My favourite thing about this application is the flashlight feature, which aids you in taking photos (and generally) if you get into an accident at night.

Another free application, Nationwide is definitely a recommended app for any Nationwide insurance customers with an iPhone.

  1. InsurePhone Insurance [Android]

InsurePhone Insurance Android

The InsurePhone application is perfect if your insurance company doesn’t have a specific smartphone application. This one is an Android app, so no good if you’re an Apple owner.

InsurePhone is fairly similar in function to the iPhone applications, in that it allows you to take photos, as well as store agent and claim phone numbers for easy access and contact should you have an accident.

The app does have one reasonably unique feature, in that it gives you tips on how to reach a human on an 800 number for the top insurance companies – particularly useful if you’ve just had an accident and need to talk to someone about your claim progress.

  1. AXAdent Car Insurance [iPhone]

AXAdent Car Insurance iPhone

This is an app from UK based AXA Insurance, and is designed to help drivers get through the stressful and sometimes confusing process of making a claim after an accident.

The application is available to both AXA and non-AXA customers and is free to download. The AXAdent app has some standard features, including giving the users the ability to record details of the accident, then photograph and upload images of the incident. The app does have some more unique features however, and is generally a little better thought out.

The app uses your iPhone’s GPS technology to automatically log both the location and time of any accident, making that action entirely automated and cutting down the amount of inputting required by the user. It also allows users to get a direct quote from AXA, should they be looking to take out insurance.

There’s also a couple of nice touches for AXA customers, including locating and contacting the closest approved repair centre to deal with the car and collect the driver. You can also instigate the claim on the spot by emailing the claims team, who will then call the customer back within a two hour period.

John works for an insurance company specialising in short term car insurance cover and 1 day insurance. He’s also a keen blogger and loves his cars!

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