Top 7 reasons to use a mobile car detailing service

Top 7 reasons to use a mobile car detailing service

I remember that as a child I loved going through the car wash. All the whirling machinery, rhythmic sounds, and bubbles-a-plenty invoked a real sense of wonderment in my little mind. But now that I’m an adult I’ve found new and better things that excite, so I prefer to let the car wash come to me whilst I get on with life as a grown-up.

Mobile car detailing provides us with a modern-day convenience that is just too good to ignore. It’s a service that brings very many benefits, but there are seven primary ones that stand out as the real deal makers. Hence, this post is devoted to the top seven reasons to use a mobile car detailing service.

1. Cars are ubiquitous
Cars are a big part of our lives, especially in Western cultures. In fact, it has been reported by the Australian Bureau of Statistics that in 2003 there were 10.4 million registered cars and station wagons in the country, when the population was at 19.8 million people. Now that the Australian population is estimated to have reached 22.4 million people in 2010, we can extrapolate out the growth in cars and station wagons to arrive at a current estimate of 11.8 million vehicles, and this doesn’t even include trucks and motorcycles. That’s an average of one car for every 1.89 people, or to put it another way – it’s a lot of cars!

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2. Car washing helps with preservation
Our vehicles take quite a battering out on the roads. They’re constantly being subjected to harmful elements, and it all adds up to a slow degradation in the appearance and value of our cars. Every day we go for a drive we’re exposing the car to various little nasties – chemical pollutants, salt and moisture in the air, bird droppings, and bug splatters – to name a few. Furthermore, this isn’t just an on the road phenomenon; it happens in the driveway too. The reality is that these unwanted additives have an effect on the paint work that reduces its lustre and renders the vehicle prone to corrosion. The only way to mitigate this effect is to have the car washed regularly.

3. Car detailing covers the full picture
Have you ever had a shower and decided to only wash the left side of your body? I didn’t think so… So it’s surprising that this is the approach that a lot of people take to washing their car. There’s two parts to getting a car clean – washing the outside AND the inside. Otherwise you’re left with a nice looking exterior, and a grimy and smelly interior. When you get your car detailed you’re doing the job properly, and allowing yourself to enjoy something that is really clean, not just presenting a clean facade.

4. Mobile services save time
We live in a world where the demands on our time are unrelenting. The vast majority of our waking hours are spent at work. Moreover, our work day is top and tailed by plenty of other responsibilities, not least of which is getting ready, travel, and eating time. Add family commitments, exercise, socializing, and perhaps even further work or study to the mix and it becomes apparent that there is a very real element of time scarcity to our lives. The end result is that we place a high level of value upon our time. So why then would we take what precious little time we have and spend it washing the car? Even an automatic car wash consumes our time in the form of travel to and fro, waiting in queue, and sitting through the actual wash. It’s for these reasons that mobile car detailing services are a fantastic option. The service provider comes to you at a location of your choosing, and does the job while you spend your time on things that really matter.

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5. Mobile car detailing is good for the environment
The car washing industry has been the focus of lots of environmental improvement over the last decade. In particular, there’s been a lot of effort put into creating car washing products that conserve water, especially in drought prone countries like Australia. This has resulted in the advent of waterless car washing products that get the job done without the aid of a hose. Given that these can also be made from derivatives of plants such as coconut and soy beans, there’s sometimes good reason to go this route. The key here is to make sure the products are applied in a situation where they are fit for purpose; if the car is coated in abrasive sand then it’s important to give it a quick pre-rinse first. Therefore, ensure you use a mobile car detailing provider that carries their own power and water.

6. Quality is everything
There’s a huge disparity between the quality of an automatic car wash and the meticulous attention to detail applied by a mobile car detailer. The same can be said about a self-wash too, unless you possess a full armament of cleaning products and devote an entire Sunday afternoon to the job! It’s the same old story – if you want a job done well then you should use a professional.

7. Clean cars make us feel good
In the same way that I felt a rush of happiness as a child in the car wash, I get the same wide mouthed grin when I look at my sparkling clean automobile. A clean car looks and feels fresh, new, and inviting. Compare this to the cringe factor of driving a dirty pit-mobile, and it’s little wonder that mobile car cleaning services add value to our lives.

These 7 reasons are not quite the Seven Wonders of the World, but they’re still worthy of strong attention. So next time you’re thinking about getting out the hose and bucket, or taking the trek to the automatic car wash, give a thought to mobile car detailing instead.

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