Top 5 biggest selling cars

Top 5 biggest selling cars

The automotive industry has been in business for well over a century now and in that time a vast array of models and marques have been brought into production, with some achieving greater success than others and some going on to hit huge sales records into the millions. Whichever car you choose to buy, be sure to consider the cost of car insurance so you can pay for the ongoing cost of the car after the initial purhase.

Here are the top 5 biggest selling cars of all time, which may help you find your way to your next purchase:

5. Ford Escort – 20 million sold

The popular Ford Escort model was in production from 1967 – 2003 and in that time sold 20 million units. The name has been used for many versions of the model over the years, including estates, saloons and vans, and despite now being out of production, remains one of Ford’s most successful vehicles ever.

ford escort mk2 1003w 1600 sport

ford escort 1999


4. Volkswagen Beetle – 22.3 million sold

As one of the most recognisable car designs around, the VW Beetle has been in production from before the Second World War (1938) and has even been the star of popular TV show and films in the form lovable character Herbie. Today the design lives on, complete with trademark curves and retro feel.

Volkswagen beetle vintage

Volkswagen beetle 2010


3. Volkswagen Golf – 25 million sold

The Golf is Volkswagen’s top selling car, having sold over 25 million in its 36 year production history. Its powerful, efficient engine has helped it to become the third most popular car in terms of sales, and shows no signs of slowing.

Volkswagen golf 2008

2. Ford F-series – 24 million sold

Since its birth in 1948 the Ford F-series has been so popular with buyers – particularly in the US – that it is estimated one is sold every 30 seconds.

Ford F-Series

1. Toyota Corolla – 35 million sold

For over forty years, Toyota has been producing the family friendly, economic and efficient Corolla. With no fewer than nine generations of the popular vehicle having been manufactured, the Japanese car is the biggest selling of all time. Despite Toyota’s current problems, the Corolla looks set to maintain its popularity and keep its place in the record books.

toyota corolla sedan f2

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