Protecting your eyes, famous driving celebrities

Protecting your eyes, famous driving celebrities

Talking about eyeglasses we need to go about 3000 years back in time, when people from kingdom of Assyria (today territory of Iraq) start benefiting from using rock crystals as lenses. Mainly purpose on the beginning was to make fire by concentrating sunlight but in time they discover the magnifying characteristic of the lenses. This ability was constantly improved through the years until first eyeglasses show up.

Today many types of eyeglasses can be found, from the ones used to correct different eye conditions to safety eyeglasses used to protect the eye from any debris or fire during work, from 3D glasses used in entertainment to the most common used reading glasses.

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A particular case in developing eyewear is making bifocal glasses, even trifocal. which they have 2, respectively 3 different kinds of lenses in a single pair of glasses, requiring a conscious refocusing every time you want to use the other lens. In the new days, the progressive lenses or varifocal, as they are known, are having a very small transition point, so they are much pleasant to wear. In order to make things easier, on the market you may find many designer varifocal glasses to suit your style and needs.

When being at home, using different kinds of glasses for different tasks is recommended, but when you drive using your expensive or cheap prescription glasses becomes a necessity, as you are involved in traffic. As a driver you need to constantly protect your eyes , so sunglasses are highly recommended. You may find cheap prescription sunglasses in so many places, but we suggest using internet to find the right glasses for you. Rimless glasses are another great choice for your eyes.

The need to wear sunglasses becomes so obvious when it comes to sports and military use. The pilots who fly above the sky need to wear appropriate sunglasses ,also called mirror glasses. Ray-Ban Aviator is a reference point in designing glasses for flying. Highly involved in Formula 1, Ray-Ban made partnership with many teams, some of the drivers like Rubens Barrichello and Jenson Button wearing their logo on the visors.

In the motorsports, Oakley has been a leader in the market for so many years. They are continuously developing new technologies and use innovative materials in their products. As well Oakley is involved in poker, Phil Hellmuth being sponsorised by the company, and music, artists like Lil’Jon and T-Pain owning and showing off their glazes.

Either wearing a designer glasses or less expensive, but efficient, cheap glasses sold in so many places you have to keep in mind that eyes are very precious and they need to be protected and valued at all times.

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