<title> One-Two Win for the Silver Arrows </title>

One-Two Win for the Silver Arrows

Lewis Hamilton wins his first race of the season in Isambul Park after a thrilling 58 laps. This is also a one-two victory for the McLaren team as Jenson Button finished second. Third place went for the Australian Mark Webber.

f1 Istanbul 2010 race

This would have been different if it wasn’t for the incident involving both Red Bull drivers in the 40th lap of the race, Webber leading and Sebastian Vettel right behind him. Sebastian’s efforts to overtake from the inside cost him the race. They both collided at the start of turn 12 and ended of the track. The outcome was flat back tire for Sebastian Vettel and a damaged front wing for Mark Webber. Lewis and Jenson, being 3rd and 4th at the time, took advantage of this accident and positioned for the on-two leading role in the race. 10 laps later, Jenson passed Lewis in the same manner, briefly taking the lead for couple of seconds. Then Hamilton skillfully reclaimed the first position at the first corner after the finishing line.

During the next five laps both of the McLaren drivers received a message from their team radio that they must save fuel and tires. Mark Webber, now driving in third place after entering the pit for the second time to change the front wing, wasn’t any threat for Jenson Button because he was far back around 30 seconds.

It was quite clear that The Red Bull’s were dominating the race. Lewis Hamilton lost his second place from Vettel in the first corner at the start, but managed his pace and regained his starting position. He lost the position again from Vettel when exiting the pits. Webber and Hamilton entered the pits together. The Red Bull team was faster then the McLaren in changing tires allowing Webber to exit first in front to Vettel and Hamilton right behind them.

f1 Istanbul 2010 race

The Mercedes GP drivers Michael Schumacher and Nico Rosberg finished 4th and 5th. Schumacher passed Button at the start in the first corner, but couldn’t maintain his rhythm long enough because straights were definitely on McLaren side. Jenson quickly returned to his 4th position. Nico Rosberg was starting to experience some grip problems with his back tires some where in the middle of the race. This was clearly noticeable from the Renault driver Robert Kubica. He pressurized the German for the overtaking but Rosberg professionally kept his position. Kubica finished 6th, 7th and 8th were for the Ferrari drivers, Felipe Massa and Fernando Alonso.

Sebastian’s greed cost him the second place in the drivers standing. Now Jenson Button is second with 88 points and Lewis Hamilton with 84 points in third. Mark Weber finishing third place in the race secured his front row in the standings with 93 points.

There wasn’t much satisfaction on Lewis’s face after the end of the race. He is well aware that the McLaren team has to work harder on the car to win the next race in speed and overtaking, not by a glitch in Sebastian’s concentration. Hamilton was breathing down Mark Webber’s neck all along, not allowing him to distance any further from a second.

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