McLaren’s Double Practice Domination

McLaren’s Double Practice Domination

The McLaren drivers, Lewis Hamilton and Jenson Button, ruled the track on Friday’s 2 practice sessions in Turkey‘s Istanbul Park. Lewis in the first and Jenson in the second showed that the silver arrow is there to fight the reigning Red Bulls.

It was Lewis Hamilton that started a terrific McLaren driving in the opening practice session for the Turkish Gran Prix, driving 1:28.653 and Jenson Button right next to him with 1:29.615. The Mercedes GP drivers were 3rd and 4th, as Michael Schumacher made 1:29.750 an Nico Rosberg 1:29.855. Sebastian Vettel made 5th, as he started with a new chassis due to a small defect that was found after the Monaco race. His 1:29.867 closely matched Robert Kubica’s 1:30.061. Vitaly Petrov and Mark Weber were 8th and 9th while Ferrari’s driver Fernando Alonso reached 10th with his team mate Felipe Massa as couple of positions down to 13th.

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A slippery surface made it quite difficult for the drivers to se the pace in the morning. There were several moments where the slippery surface made it difficult for Petrov, Kubica and Chandhok to control the car in Turn One. This also affected Buemi and Sutil in Turn Three, Chandhok in Turn 12. The infamous Turn Eight started to cause problems for Schumacher and Sutil, who lost the control and damaged the front of his car. Luckily Sutil stepped out without an injury.

Jenson Button completed the second session with a time 1:28.280, followed by Mark Webber, who was just under one-tenth of a second off slower than the champion. Maybe this wouldn’t have been the result for Webber, if the car didn’t experienced some mechanical failures as smoke was coming out of his engine during the last minutes of the session.

Sebastian Vettel’s Randy Mandy, as he calls his new car, managed to achieve 1:28.590 placing him next to is team mate Weber. Lewis Hamilton was fourth with 1:28.672 followed by Ferrari’s driver Fernando Alonso and Mercedes GP pair Michael Schumacher and Nico Rosberg. The Renault drivers switch places as now Kubica was in front of Petrov for the 8th and 9th place with a gap between them of 0.285 s. This was followed by the track’s three-time winner Felipe Massa who was 10th.

Temperature reaching 51 degrees Celsius (124 Fahrenheit) caused tire degradation that led to problems for Karun Chandhok. He avoided a crash after skidding across the tarmac.

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The two Friday practice session confirmed all the comments and predictions from the McLaren team during the last two weeks. The MP4-25 after the low-speed Monaco circuit and the misfortune in Spain, made an assent on the power of its aerodynamic setup with the F-duct in leading role. As the driving continues, the gap that Red Bull is creating starts to fill.

Although minor problems occurred for the Red Bull team, there is no doubt of their dedication to fight for the championship title. The speed is still their wild card. After completing 6 races, its luckily that Sebastian’s car didn’t’ caused any problems during high speed turns. Superstition is an interesting trend in the sport world in which Vettel has his part in it. He names every car that he drives in alphabetic order, this one with the name Randy Mandy. He hopes that she will lead him out of the shadow that his team mate Mark Weber created with two consecutive pole positions and race victory.

Saturday is reserved for one morning practice session 11:00 – 12:00 and qualifying session in 13:00 CET. The race for the Turkish Grand Prix is on Sunday 30.05.2010 in 14:00 CET.

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