Hamilton Wins a Strategic One-Two for McLaren

Hamilton Wins a Strategic One-Two for McLaren

Second time in a row Lewis Hamilton takes the chequered flag for another one-two win for McLaren in the Canadian Grand Prix 2010 with Jenson Button finishing second. Together, they stood on the podium with Fernando Alonso from Ferrari taking the third place. Hamilton now leads the driver’s championship with 109 points, Jenson Button 3 points behind with 106 and Mark Webber comes down three places in the stand with 103 points.

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It was a good start for Hamilton and there was no threat for his starting position. Sebastian Vettel started second, because his teammate Mark Weber was forced to start five places lower due to gearbox penalty. After ten laps, Vettel was gaining on Hamilton and it seemed at first that Hamilton was having problems. But it was part of McLaren’s strategy to start with soft tires; enter the pits first; changing hard tires and continuing the fast paste. This proved to be successful and after the first part of pit stopping, Hamilton went back 5 places but lead the race again after the Red Bull’s and Alonso entered the pit. Second time they pitted, Mark Webber decided to gamble his position and not pit for a second time. He was leading midway throughout the race; behind him were Hamilton, Alonso and Button. Hamilton was on his tail with a gap of 11 seconds. It was quite obvious that the tires wouldn’t give satisfying speed for 45 laps and the gap started to shrink. Eventually, Webber was passed by Hamilton 19 laps before the end and the next lap Webber entered the pit exiting as 5th. As the race neared to its end, Button started gaining on Alonso and overtook him to make the final one-two win position for the McLaren team.

Michael Schumacher is under investigation as he is considered causing intentional collision with Felipe Massa at the final chicane. Massa attempting to overtake, Schumacher closed him real close hitting the front wing of Massa’s car with his rear tire. Massa was forced to pit again and lost his chance of taking points. Schumacher again didn’t shine with his championships skills. He pitted 3 times and was obviously slower from the rest of the drivers. Sebastien Buemi overtook him with no difficulty what so ever.

Sebastian Vettel had some technical problems with the car at the end of the race and was advised through the team radio to save the car in order to score points. He finished 4th and Mark Webber 5th place. Nico Rosberg was 6th, Robert Kubica 7th and Sebastien Buemi from STR-Ferrari was 9th.

Another interesting overtaking battle was going on between Renault’s driver Robert Kubica and Adrian Sutil from Force India. Kubica was also under investigation by the stewards for a move he did on him in the middle of the race. Sutil passed him, but then under braking entering the final chicane Kubica took back his position. Later on they almost collided as Kubica crossed his path trying to enter the pits.

After the Monaco race, Red Bull stated that they only feared Lewis Hamilton and Fernando Alonso to challenge their domination. It seems those fears were right. In spite of McLaren closed the gap on Red Bull, Ferrari this race showed signs of life.

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