Growing strawberries using tires

Growing strawberries using tires

Probably you are asking yourself why this post is on the automotive /car blog. The answer is very simple. Every car, truck, van, SUV and all other vehicles are using tires. If we rely on statistics we will come to conclusion that there are hills and mountains of old used tires and we are not going to make mistake if we make a mental picture of the growing hills. For every living human person on the planet there is one old tire every year. Eight billions of old tires are coming out when new tires are installed on the vehicles around the world.

growing flowers using old tires

So what we can do with an old tires. There are a lot of different ways we can handle the old tires. We can throw them on the landfills, we can burn them in the incinerators (and release some poisons in the air) to get electric or heating energy or we can found a new use for the old tires.

The most poetic way to use old tires is to grow something in them. We can grow vegetables, herbs, spices, but probably our kids will be happier if we grow strawberries in our old tires.

growing strawberries using tiresgrowing plants using old tires

The best way is if we make a strawberry planter. We can stack these old tires in wall or pyramid style so they overlap and leave sections of the insides for planting strawberries. Before this step we need to open small holes on the tires so the excess water can drain from the tire. Before we stack the second layer of tires we need to fill the first one with a fertile garden soil. When we are done with stacking the highest tires will be open towards the sky and there we can plant strawberries or some other plants like herbs or something else. We need to do this on the open ground with lot of sun. In the season of planting we can plant strawberries plants in the pockets of the tire pyramid or tire wall. If we have more plants we can also open bigger holes on the side of the tire facing the sky. We need to keep the tires and the soil wet and add water at least once per day.

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