<title> 2010 Chevrolet Malibu, high quality design and optimal safety on four wheels</title>

2010 Chevrolet Malibu, high quality design and optimal safety on four wheels

The Chevrolet Malibu 2010 is the best sample from what family cars in 2010 have to offer. The cabin is made of two color patterns which is a step up from cars like Honda Accord for example. With its appropriate not too striking, yet very tasteful appearance (it is a family transport vehicle we are talking about) it offers more to the loyal customer than any other midsize American vehicle for the past few decades. It offers comfort and security, and aren’t those the things you would wish the most for the people who you would be supposed to give rides to, especially if we are talking about a part of the family. This wonderful piece of car technology offers you a good-looking exterior, a very appealing two-toned interior, a smooth and safe ride and many other performances we are going to examine further on.

Chevrolet Malibu 2010

Well, let us first examine the interior in greater detail. We will start with this because it is the interior which is the most striking about this wonder-vehicle. The two-tone design of the interior is a very good and original move which gives a personality and a touch of uniqueness of this vehicle. Many other cars which may have higher performances than this one overlook this very important detail. If the car does not show originality, how would you expect to be seen as a person when driving it. The interior design of a vehicle believe it or not, always tends to say much about the owner’s personality. Now think about it, what impression do you want to leave? If your answer is a practical man, not boasting about your personality, yet you leave to your very original personality talk about you, or if you catch the eye of each and every person that goes by and yet it is not your aim to catch anybody’s attention; in both cases this vehicle is the right alternative for you.

The exterior design is even better and even more eye-catching. It is something new and the sheet-metal is even compared to that of a European vehicle which is highly praiseworthy when car exterior comes to question.

Chevrolet Malibu 2010

As for the performance, it has a four cylinder engine with the capacity of 2.4 liters. It can reach the speed limit of 60 miles per hour in less than ten seconds and it has production ability of 169 horsepower. Its most praiseworthy characteristic from this point of view is the fuel economy which is the perfect solution for every practical family man.

We will finish with the best feature of this wonder-vehicle. Since the safety comes to question, Chevrolet Malibu proudly deserves a straight A. From safety airbags, to monitoring of the tire-pressure and anti-lock brakes, it will make you feel perfectly safe and calm when driving your kids to school. In the full crash test this vehicle has earned the best achievement a vehicle got so far, a four-star rating. Enjoy and feel safe in your handsome and safe vehicle.

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